Welcome to the online Staff Assessment Management System

In this application, supervisors and employees may access current appraisals, view historical appraisals created in this online application, and electronically submit completed appraisals to Human Resources. While a face-to-face meeting between supervisor and employee is still required, this application makes the rest of the review process seamless and much less paper-intensive!

If you are accessing this system as an employee to review your own appraisal, please choose Employee Access from the menu above. If you are accessing this system as a supervisor to create/manage your employees' appraisals, please choose Appraiser Access from the menu above.

The online performance appraisal process is designed to follow the following structure:

Staff Assessment Routing Process

Data stored in this system is secured and confidential, and it will only be viewed by the appropriate supervisory employees within an employee's home department and Human Resources. If you have any questions about using this system, please e-mail Human Resources.