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The Tennessee Governor's Schools offer Tennessee high school students intensive learning experiences on postsecondary campuses. Each school system is encouraged to share the Governor's School information and applications with strong students who meet the criteria listed below. Nominations for the Tennessee Governor's Schools must be made by high school educators who can speak to the student's potential for success in the program. Each Governor's School convenes an application review committee to select the students invited to attend each school.

Governor's School for International Studies

University of Memphis

June 8 - June 29, 2024

The University of Memphis is proud to serve as the host of the Governor's School for International Studies (GSIS). Participation in GSIS requires the full commitment of each student's time and energy. Activities begin on the very first day of the program and occur every day, including evenings and weekends. Students should plan accordingly and understand that they will not be excused to participate in any other activities.

The GSIS program provides a rigorous introduction to the interdisciplinary field of International Studies. The curriculum provides intensive instruction and research experience in the political, economic, cultural and social systems of the world. The program includes six credit hours of college coursework, supervised individual and group projects, and experiential learning. Seminars and lectures offered by prominent international, national, and local scholars, statesmen, and business executives allow GSIS students to gain extensive insight into international relations, international business, governance, and global issues. An in-depth study of languages, customs, lifestyles, and cultures of various nationalities are also an integral part of the learning experience. Other academic activities include international dinners; developing a "global village;" lectures on world history, world cultures, international relations and politics; and a Model United Nations session.

Through the curriculum, GSIS students will:

  • Develop problem solving skills related to global events
  • Develop an appreciation and understanding of other cultures
  • Develop critical thinking skills with an international perspective

Applicants should have excellent academic records and be able to demonstrate advanced critical thinking and analysis. Rising juniors and seniors may apply (current high school sophomores and juniors). Submissions of ACT and other standardized test scores are recommended in order to provide evidence of the student's likelihood of succeeding at the university level. Those students invited to attend will receive instructions on completing the University of Memphis admissions application process after accepting GSIS invitations.

Application deadline: January 19, 2024

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