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Policies and Procedures

Disclaimer: The policies of The University of Memphis are intended only as a guideline and are not a contract or a statement of the conditions of employment. Nothing contained herein is intended to alter The University's right to take the employment action it deems appropriate. These policies are subject to modification at any time by The University.

Student Affairs Policies
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UM1480Policy/ProcedureDisability Access for Students
1:2E:15:02PolicyFraternity Housing
UM1384Policy/ProcedureHealth Services
UM1460Policy/ProcedureInternational Travel for University of Memphis Students
UM1738Policy/ProcedureLimited Tobacco-Use Campus
UM1789Policy/ProcedureMissing Residential Student Notification
UM1695Policy/ProcedurePosthumous Degrees
UM1248Policy/ProcedurePrivacy of Education Records (Compliance with FERPA)
UM1355Policy/ProcedureReduced Course Load/Full Time Status for Students with Disabilities
UM1599Policy/ProcedureResidence Hall Contracts and Deposits
UM1597Policy/ProcedureResidence Hall Visitation
UM1603Policy/ProcedureResidence Life Housing for Official University Guests
1:2E:03:01PolicyScholarships, Fellowships, Grants and Awards
UM1600Policy/ProcedureSolicitation and Canvassing in Residence Halls and Dining Services
UM1764Policy/ProcedureStudent Activity Fee
1:2E:03:02PolicyStudent Employment
UM1592Policy/ProcedureStudent Family Housing Check-In/Check-out and Moving From One Apartment to Another
UM1593Policy/ProcedureStudent Family Housing Lease
1:2E:15:05PolicyStudent's Role and Participation in Institutional Decision-making
UM1598Policy/ProcedureUniversity Access, Search and Care of the Residence Hall
1:2E:16:02PolicyUniversity Recognition of Religious Professionals
UM1745Policy/ProcedureVoter Registration Drives by Student Organizations
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