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The University of Memphis
Policies and Procedures

Disclaimer: The policies of The University of Memphis are intended only as a guideline and are not a contract or a statement of the conditions of employment. Nothing contained herein is intended to alter The University's right to take the employment action it deems appropriate. These policies are subject to modification at any time by The University.

General Policies and Procedures
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UM1535Policy/ProcedureAcceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
UM1741Policy/ProcedureAccess to and Use of Campus Property and Facilities
UM1713Policy/ProcedureAuthorization for Use of Electronic Signatures
UM1648Policy/ProcedureAwarding the Honorary Degree
UM1812Policy/ProcedureBereavement Leave
UM1768Policy/ProcedureBudget Policy and Procedures
UM1691Policy/ProcedureCampus Data Security Policy
UM1623Policy/ProcedureCampus Identification Cards for Faculty, Staff, Retirees, and Guests
UM1835Policy/ProcedureCampus Planning and Design
UM1734Policy/ProcedureCash Handling
UM1719Policy/ProcedureCharges to Sponsored Agreements
2A:12:03AProcedureClaim for Allowance for Injuries or Death of University Employees
1:2A:12:03PolicyClaims Against the University
2A:12:03BProcedureClaims Against The University of Memphis
UM1692Policy/ProcedureConflict of Interest
UM1571Policy/ProcedureContracts and Signatory Authority
UM1483Policy/ProcedureCopyrighted Materials, Use of
UM1720Policy/ProcedureCost Transfers
UM1532Policy/ProcedureCrisis Management Planning
UM1798Policy/ProcedureDisclosure of Financial Interests Related to Sponsored Research
UM1718Policy/ProcedureDiscrimination, Harassment - Complaint and Investigation Procedure
UM1652Policy/ProcedureDonations to the University of Memphis
UM1711Policy/ProcedureDrug Testing for Child Care Workers
UM1805Policy/ProcedureEmail Use
UM1531Policy/ProcedureEmergency Closings
UM1753Policy/ProcedureEmployee Debt to the University
UM1837Policy/ProcedureEmployment of Minors
1:2A:11:02PolicyEqual Educational Opportunity
UM1381Policy/ProcedureEqual Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, Discrimination and Nepotism
1:2A:11:04PolicyEqual Opportunity Association
UM1772Policy/ProcedureEquipment Inventory
UM1580Policy/ProcedureExternal Publications and Advertising
UM1770Policy/ProcedureFacilities and Grounds Alterations and Improvements
UM1725Policy/ProcedureFaculty Incentive Compensation
UM1800Policy/ProcedureFirearms Policy
1:2A:17:01PolicyFood Service - Self-Catered or Off-Campus Vendor
UM1348Policy/ProcedureFormulation and Issuance of University Policies and Procedures
UM1759Policy/ProcedureHazardous Material Disposal
UM1622Policy/ProcedureHazardous Waste Reduction
UM1384Policy/ProcedureHealth Services
2A:04:02AProcedureHPER Complex Facilities and Areas
UM1742Policy/ProcedureHuman Subjects Protection
UM1368Policy/ProcedureIdentification of Buildings and Facilities
UM1724Policy/ProcedureInstitutional Base Salary
UM1607Policy/ProcedureIntellectual Property
UM1776Policy/ProcedureInvestment Policy
UM1657Policy/ProcedureLease/Rental of University Property
UM1527Policy/ProcedureLeave Transfer Between TBR Institutions and State Agencies
1:2A:12:01PolicyLegal Services
UM1788Policy/ProcedureLimited English Proficiency
UM1738Policy/ProcedureLimited Tobacco-Use Campus
UM1700Policy/ProcedureLitigation Hold Notice
2D:06:03AProcedureLost or Stolen University Property
UM1777Policy/ProcedureLost or Stolen University Property
UM1789Policy/ProcedureMissing Residential Student Notification
UM1708Policy/ProcedureNaming and Recognition
UM1646Policy/ProcedureNotification of External Audits and Reviews
UM1293Policy/ProcedureOccupational Safety and Health Program
UM1761Policy/ProcedureOperation of Utility Vehicles
UM1762Policy/ProcedurePayment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance
UM1642Policy/ProcedurePreventing Fraud, Waste, or Abuse of University Resources
UM1616Policy/ProcedurePublic Records - Inspecting and Copying
UM1581Policy/ProcedurePublicity and Mass Media
UM1714Policy/ProcedureRed Flag Policy
2D:01:05AProcedureReimbursement and Responsibility for the Loss or Damage of University Property Due to Negligence
1:2D:01:05PolicyReimbursement and Responsibility for the Loss or Damage of University Property Due to Negligence
UM1640Policy/ProcedureReporting Fraud, Waste, or Abuse of University Resources
UM1566Policy/ProcedureSecurity and Protection of Electronic Information Resources
UM1722Policy/ProcedureService Centers
UM1786Policy/ProcedureSexual Misconduct and Domestic Violence Policy
UM1296Policy/ProcedureShipping and Receiving of Hazardous Materials
UM1609Policy/ProcedureSick Leave Banks - Faculty and Staff
1:2A:09:02PolicySolicitation of Funds
2A:09:02BProcedureSolicitation of Funds by Non-Student Organizations
2A:09:02AProcedureSolicitation of Funds by Student Organizations
UM1457Policy/ProcedureSpace Planning and Assignments
UM1679Policy/ProcedureSpecial Security Services
UM1723Policy/ProcedureSponsored Agreement Cost Sharing
UM1764Policy/ProcedureStudent Activity Fee
UM1824Policy/ProcedureStudent Fees and Enrollment
UM1721Policy/ProcedureSubagreements Issued to a Third Party
UM1760Policy/ProcedureTimely Warning of Reported Crimes
UM1822Policy/ProcedureTuition Assistance for Employee and Dependents
UM1578Policy/ProcedureUndergraduate Fee Discount for Spouses and Dependent Children of Employees
UM1733Policy/ProcedureUniversity Fees and Charges
UM1241Policy/ProcedureUniversity Holidays
2A:17:01AProcedureUniversity Public Service Activities
UM1365Policy/ProcedureUniversity Records Management Program
UM1440Policy/ProcedureUniversity Vehicles
UM1672Policy/ProcedureUniversity Websites
UM1419Policy/ProcedureUse of University Seal and Logos
1:2A:06:01PolicyUtilization of The University of Memphis Alumni Center
2A:06:01AProcedureUtilization of The University of Memphis Alumni Center
UM1452Policy/ProcedureVaccination of Faculty, Staff, Students Exposed to Medical Hazards
UM1745Policy/ProcedureVoter Registration Drives by Student Organizations
UM1245ProcedureWithdrawal from University
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