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Policies and Procedures

Disclaimer: The policies of The University of Memphis are intended only as a guideline and are not a contract or a statement of the conditions of employment. Nothing contained herein is intended to alter The University's right to take the employment action it deems appropriate. These policies are subject to modification at any time by The University.

Finance Policies and Procedures
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UM1635Policy/ProcedureAcquisition of and Accounting for Library Materials
UM1303Policy/ProcedureAuthorized Signatures
UM1680Policy/ProcedureBank Accounts
UM1768Policy/ProcedureBudget Policy and Procedures
UM1623Policy/ProcedureCampus Identification Cards for Faculty, Staff, Retirees, and Guests
UM1734Policy/ProcedureCash Handling
UM1676Policy/ProcedureCertification of Effort
UM1719Policy/ProcedureCharges to Sponsored Agreements
UM1571Policy/ProcedureContracts and Signatory Authority
UM1720Policy/ProcedureCost Transfers
UM1524Policy/ProcedureDelineation of Gifts or Grants for Research or Other Sponsored Programs
UM1701Policy/ProcedureDisbursement of Funds
UM1798Policy/ProcedureDisclosure of Financial Interests Related to Sponsored Research
UM1341Policy/ProcedureDistribution of Salary Payments
UM1652Policy/ProcedureDonations to the University of Memphis
UM1753Policy/ProcedureEmployee Debt to the University
UM1772Policy/ProcedureEquipment Inventory
UM1725Policy/ProcedureFaculty Incentive Compensation
UM1724Policy/ProcedureInstitutional Base Salary
2D:01:06AProcedureInsurance - Property, Liability and Other
UM1776Policy/ProcedureInvestment Policy
UM1777Policy/ProcedureLost or Stolen University Property
UM1340Policy/ProcedureMemberships and Subscriptions
UM1328Policy/ProcedureMoving Allowance
UM1762Policy/ProcedurePayment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance
2D:03:07DProcedurePayments to Individuals for Research Project Participation
UM1507Policy/ProcedureProcurement and Contract Services
UM1311Policy/ProcedurePurchase of Meals
UM1817Policy/ProcedurePurchasing Card Policy
UM1722Policy/ProcedureService Centers
UM1723Policy/ProcedureSponsored Agreement Cost Sharing
UM1824Policy/ProcedureStudent Fees and Enrollment
UM1721Policy/ProcedureSubagreements Issued to a Third Party
UM1733Policy/ProcedureUniversity Fees and Charges
UM1309Policy/ProcedureUniversity Travel
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