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The University of Memphis
Policies and Procedures

Disclaimer: The policies of The University of Memphis are intended only as a guideline and are not a contract or a statement of the conditions of employment. Nothing contained herein is intended to alter The University's right to take the employment action it deems appropriate. These policies are subject to modification at any time by The University.

Most Recently Approved Policies and Procedures

UM179810-19-2016Disclosure of Financial Interests Related to Sponsored Research
Rationale: New policy
UM18009-19-2016Firearms Policy
UM17899-08-2016Missing Residential Student Notification
UM15719-08-2016Contracts and Signatory Authority
Rationale: UM1571 Revised policy Contracts and Signature Authority
UM16929-08-2016Conflict of Interest
Rationale: UM 1692 Revised policy Conflict of Interest
UM13656-07-2016University Records Management Program
Rationale: Revised to update links.
UM13375-16-2016Data Access
Rationale: Update language to reflect current business practice and address flexibility with contract renewals that could impact removal of access.
UM17775-11-2016Lost or Stolen University Property
Rationale: Updated to align with TBR guidelines & reflect current UOM terminology, offices, & dept. names.
UM17914-28-2016Nine-Month Faculty Sick Leave Reporting
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