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Background Checks


Issued: August 15, 2017
Responsible Official: Vice President for Business & Finance
Responsible Office: Human Resources

Policy Statement

Policy Statement

Background checks are conducted to support workplace productivity, safety and security by ensuring applicant backgrounds and qualifications are suitable for the position being considered.



To establish a consistent process for conducting background checks on all new employees, former employees who have been separated more than twelve (12) months, or transfers of current employees who have never been background checked (grandfathered) prior to their first day of employment. 


Background Check

A search of federal, state, and/or municipal jurisdictions for criminal convictions, national sex offender registration, and driver’s license history.


Individual who has never worked, or who has never completed a background check process for the University of Memphis.

Transfer employee

 An individual who currently works for the University of Memphis but who was employed in their current position prior to the background check process being implemented. 



The University of Memphis through HR-Workforce Management will conduct background investigations on all faculty, staff, graduate assistants, and temporary applicants recommended for employment.  In addition, student workers who have access to or are involved with sensitive information, keys, cash or children will be background checked.

The type and extent of each background investigation will be determined by the nature of the position to be filled by the candidate.

The Disclosure and Authorization Form required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is completed through a third party vendor. No background check will be initiated until the online authorization form is completed. If the candidate/employee refuses to complete the Disclosure and Authorization Form, no further employment consideration will be given to the candidate.


Appointment in a position is contingent upon an acceptable background check, and any written offer of employment must contain notice of this contingency.

Disqualification of Candidate

HR- Workforce Management is responsible for reviewing the results of the background check and determining whether the offense negates the individual from being hired.

If the candidate does not disclose convictions during the background check process, the individual may be disqualified from consideration. The candidate may have to wait six months to reapply and disclose.

In determining suitability for employment where there is a record of criminal conviction, consideration will be given to such issues as the specific duties of the position, the number of offenses and circumstances of each, how long ago the conviction occurred, whether the circumstances arose out of an employment situation, and the accuracy of the explanation on the application.

Background Check Fees

The background check agency conducting the background check will charge a fee for each check conducted. The total cost of each background check will be charged to the Division of Business and Finance. Departments requesting additional background information beyond the scope of the original background check will be charged a processing fee as indicated on the current vendor contract.




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  UM1833 - Revised August 15, 2017
UM1833 -- May 30, 2017

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