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Study Week and Final Examination Scheduling


Issued: March 2, 2009
Responsible Official: Provost
Responsible Office: Academic Affairs

Policy Statement


Preparations for final examinations are a university priority. Therefore, unless extraordinary circumstances arise:

  • No campus-sponsored functions which require student participation shall be scheduled during Study Week;
  • No academic activities shall be scheduled on Study Day, including study or review sessions which the student may feel obligated to attend;
  • No final examination shall be given at a time other than the scheduled time. 

Exceptions to this policy must be submitted as far in advance as possible and approved by the President. 


  To ensure that final examination preparation and student academic success remain priorities during the final week of scheduled classes.     


Study Week The four (4) day period preceding final examinations.     

Study Day The day prior to final examinations during most regular semesters    


Exceptions for Study Week and Study Day ActivitiesRequests for an event to be scheduled during Study Week or on Study Day must be approved by the President. Requests may be made by telephone call or email to the Office of the Provost and should include sufficient detail to justify the necessity of holding the event during this time period.        

Exceptions to Hold Athletic Events during the Final Examination PeriodRequests for holding an athletic event that results in a student athlete missing a final examination should be submitted directly to the Office of the Provost.  The President will approve or disapprove the request; the Provost will make the decision known to the Athletic Director, as well as the Director of the Center for Academic Athletic Services (CAAS) and the Faculty Athletic Committee.       

Exceptions to Alter Scheduled Examination TimeRequests to alter the date or time an examination is administered must be approved in writing by the Department Chair and the College/School Dean.  Advanced notification must be sent to all enrolled students.    


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  UM1704 - Issued: March 2, 2009

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