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Student Appeal for Non-Renewal of Financial Aid


Issued: March 9, 2011
Responsible Official: Provost
Responsible Office: Financial Aid

Policy Statement

 All students at the University of Memphis are eligible to apply and receive consideration for University-administered student aid programs. Applications are considered without regard to race, sex, age, religion, or national origin, and students shall be afforded the opportunity to file appeals without fear of reprisal.

While the ultimate responsibility for all student aid programs rests with the president of the university, this policy will be administered by the director of financial aid who will develop and publish procedures for the processing of appeals filed by students. 



To establish clear and documented procedures for receiving student aid appeals, adjudicating same, and making recommendations to the appropriate officials for redress.



These procedures are applicable to all students applying for and/or receiving assistance administered by the Financial Aid Office. Through these procedures, students may follow a formally recognized process to seek a remedy for action or treatment which they consider unfair or unjust.

There are four different types of aid awarded 1.) Institutional Scholarships (based on merit, performance and/or need);  2.) TN HOPE Lottery Scholarships;  3.)  Institutional Athletic Scholarships; and 4.) all other aid.  Each type has a separate appeal procedure.  Outlined below are the procedures for appealing the four types of student aid.

Institutional Scholarships

Step 1.) When a student applicant for an institutional scholarship questions the reason that his or her request for aid has been denied, resolution should be sought with the Scholarship Office. The student can complete and submit a form requesting a review of the circumstances. This review will be conducted by the Scholarship Appeals Committee. If the student finds the results are not satisfactory, the complainant will then be directed to the Associate Director for Scholarships. 

Step 2.) The student will, in a timely manner, make an appointment and discuss the grievance with the Associate Director for Scholarships who will make a thorough investigation of the situation and provide a timely written response to the student. The decision reached by the Associate Director for Scholarships is final.  


TN HOPE Lottery Scholarship

Step 1.) Student must submit a Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship  (TELS) appeal through the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) if the appeal is for initial eligibility. For all other appeals not related to initial eligibility, the student must follow the procedures of Step 2. 

Step 2.) The student must submit a TELS appeal through the Undergraduate Scholarship office and it will be reviewed by the TELS Institutional Review Panel (IRP).  If the student disagrees with the decision of the IRP, the student will then have the opportunity to appeal to the TELS Award Appeals panel at TSAC.  Any decision reached by the TELS Award Appeals Panel at TSAC is final.  


Athletic ScholarshipStep 1.) When a student athlete disagrees with the decision that his or her athletic scholarship has been cancelled, resolution should be sought initially though the Athletic Department. If a discussion with the Head Coach does not resolve the problem, a written appeal should be made to the Athletic Director. 

Step 2.) Should the problem not be resolved by the Athletic Director, a student may submit a written appeal to the Director of Financial Aid. The Director will then convene the Standards Of Academic Progress (SOAP) Appeals Committee to review the students complaint. The decision of the SOAP Committee will be final.


All Other Aid

Step 1.) When a student applicant for an institutionally administered assistance (excluding scholarships) disagrees with the decision that his or her request for aid has been denied, resolution should be sought by a written appeal addressed to the Standards Of Academic Progress (SOAP) Appeals Committee. 

Step 2.) The SOAP Committee will review the written appeal and make a determination if the appeal will be granted or not. If granted, the SOAP Committee may set conditions the student must meet in order for further appeals to be considered. The SOAP Committee will inform the student in a timely manner as to whether the appeal was granted or denied, and what conditions (if any) were attached to the granted appeal. The decision of the SOAP Committee is final.




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 March 9, 2011

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