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Special Event Services


Issued: February 15, 2017
Responsible Official: Vice President for Business & Finance
Responsible Office: Police Services

Policy Statement


The safety and security of students, faculty, administrators, staff, and visitors during events taking place at the University is paramount. Departments and organizations sponsoring events on the University of Memphis campuses are responsible for requesting special event services when warranted. Police Services is responsible for assigning security personnel, University or contractual, for all on-campus events requiring the presence of security personnel.

All policing or security activities, assignments, or functions will either be performed by, at the direction of, or with the approval of, Police Services. Departments or organizations are prohibited from contracting outside policing or security services without consulting University Police Services.


Special Event

Special event is defined as any activity requiring the presence of security personnel, either University commissioned police officers or contracted security officers, for a period of time in excess of one hour.


Determining Need

Sponsoring departments/organizations should use the following as guidelines in determining whether or not to request special event services.

  • The factors considered in determining the need for special event services include consideration of the anticipated number of participants/attendees, target audience, details and related activities associated with the event, safety and security of the particular venue/facility, magnitude and promotion of the event, and the history of any security-related issues at other events involving the performing artist or presenter.
  • Special event services is deemed necessary for most dances, parties, “after-hours” events, major entertainment events and events advertised externally where the non-university public is invited.
  • Events which do not typically require event security include organizational meetings, lectures, films, and performances.

The Chief of Police, or designee, is available to consult with the event sponsor the need for additional officers or other security aspects of the event.    


Requesting Special Event Services

University departments or activities sponsoring events requiring security personnel shall complete a Security Request form, have it signed by the Department Chair or financial manager, and submit it to the Chief of Police a minimum of two weeks prior to the event. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the event.


Sponsoring organizations/departments will be charged a per hour, per officer fee for special event services that is based on actual costs. Police Services will provide a cost estimate in advance of services being rendered.  The final cost will depend on actual hours worked by officers, and will be charged via transfer voucher.     

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Revision Dates

 UM1679 -- Revised February 15, 2017
UM1679 -- Issued May 7, 2010 supercedes policy number 1:2D:06:02 and procedure 2D:06:02A

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