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Issued:  January 19, 2010
Responsible Official:  Vice President for Communications, Marketing and Public Relations
Responsible Office:  Marketing and Communications

Policy Statement

Policy Statement The University of Memphis website is a major vehicle for presenting our campus to the world. As such, all official University of Memphis websites must meet certain standards for style and formatting, and the information contained within them should be kept up to date. Official sites must adhere to existing laws and policies governing acceptable use of information technology resources and brand standards. Ancillary sites must adhere to existing laws and policies governing acceptable use of information technology resources. The University retains the right to revise or delete websites housed either on University Information Technology (IT) resources or external resources that do not meet acceptable use guidelines or the standards outlined in this policy.  


  To provide information to the University community regarding requirements for official University web pages.


Acknowledgement Any situation in which the University or University unit gives recognition to a sponsor. 

Ancillary web page A web page housed on University IT resources that represents the individual author, not the U of M. Examples include, but are not limited to, faculty, staff, and student personal web pages and course pages. 


The opening or main page of a website.


A widely used web security-sensitive communication protocol that transfers data in an encrypted format.

Official web page

A web page presenting the University of Memphis or one of its units, sanctioned by that unit.

Personally identifiable information (PII)

Data that can be used to uniquely identify an individual.

Restricted university data Data protected by federal or state law or regulations, or by contract.  Restricted university data includes, but is not limited to, data that is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), or the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLBA). 

Secure web server

A web server housed in a secure environment and using established security measures for system, directory and file level access.

Sponsorship Any situation in which a sponsor provides funding or anything of value to the University or a University unit. 


An official entity within the University including, but not limited to, divisions, colleges and schools, academic departments, research centers, and support offices.

Web page

A single HTML document on the World Wide Web (ex: the faculty awards page on the College of Arts and Sciences website).


A collection of web pages prepared and maintained by one unit (ex: the College of Arts and Sciences website).



Use of Copyrighted Materials

Copyrighted material must not appear on any web page without the permission of and an acknowledgment to the copyright holder. (See “Use of Copyrighted Materials”)


With the exception of sites with approved contractual obligations or business agreements, advertising is not permitted on University of Memphis websites.  Advertising includes linking to websites of individuals or businesses that have provided web design services. (See "Use of Technology Resources.")

Examples of approved contractual obligations or business agreements include the U of M Athletics website, which is outsourced pursuant to the University's Conference USA agreement; the U of M Dining Services website; the U of M Bookstore website and the Holiday Inn at the University of Memphis website.

Linking to social networks University websites may link to social networks.  These links may use images of no larger than 40 X 40 pixels or text.  

Acknowledgement of Sponsorships

Event-related sponsors:  Sponsors may be acknowledged on official University of Memphis websites related to university-sponsored artistic or cultural programs, conferences or special events.  These acknowledgments must be supported by a written agreement between the sponsor and the university entity that specifies a limited term, typically concluding with the end of an event or series, at which time the acknowledgment should be removed from the website.  

Continuous sponsors:  Entities that sponsor a unit of the University on a continuous basis may be acknowledged on the unit’s website, but must be removed from the website if the sponsorship ends.

Sponsor acknowledgment page:  A website may include a sponsor acknowledgement page.  Sponsors may be acknowledged only on this page and on no other page within the website.  This page should begin with the following statement:  The University of Memphis greatly appreciates the generous contribution of the following sponsors: and then may list the following for each sponsor:

  • sponsor name
  • sponsor logo

Acknowledgments may not include:

  • link to sponsor website
  • product names
  • service information
  • call to action
  • comparative or qualitative descriptions of the sponsor’s products, services, facilities, or companies

Logos may be a maximum of 150 X 100 pixels.  Images must reside on or be in control of the university site, and may not be animated or interactive.  Logos should be subordinate in size and placement to page content and university marks.  Sponsors are not entitled to display university marks on their websites without prior written consent.

 A University unit may include a link to its sponsor acknowledgment page on the unit’s homepage.  The link may be text or a graphic no larger than 150 X 100 pixels.

Required Content

Every University of Memphis official unit Web page should include:

  • A page title within the <head> tag.
  • A link to the U of M home page (
  • The name of the department/office publishing the page
  • A departmental e-mail contact 
  • A link to the department’s home page
  • The following text: "Copyright [current year] by the University of Memphis."
  • A link to the University’s Important Notice statement, which includes the affirmative action statement and privacy information
Home pages should also include the University of Memphis wordmark (as governed by the Brand Standards Guide: or words “University of Memphis” prominently displayed.  

Official web page hosting

Every University of Memphis official unit web page must be housed within the university’s web content management system and hosted on centralized university web servers.

Security Web pages displaying or soliciting restricted and/or sensitive data, such as Social Security and credit card numbers, must be hosted on a secure web server and use an encrypted HTTPS communication protocol. For assistance with security issues, contact ITD Web Services  ( 

Exceptions Questions or requests for exceptions concerning this policy should be directed to the University Web Committee via the following e-mail address:


TBR 1-08-00-00: Use of Technology Resources

U of M Policy 1483: Use of Copyrighted Materials

U of M Policy 1535: Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources 

U of M Policy 1419: Use of University Seal, Logos, and Indicia

Brand Standards Guide 

Web Content Guidelines

Web Security Guidelines 

Important Notice

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Section 508 Accessibility Requirements

Data Security Policy

Revision Dates

  UM1672 -- revised January 19, 2010
UM1672 -- issued November 23, 2009

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