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Acquisition of and Accounting for Library Materials


Issued: July 31, 2007
Responsible Official: Provost
Responsible Office: University Libraries

Policy Statement

Policy Statement

The acquisition of and accounting for all library materials whether through expenditure of University funds or by donations is the responsibility of the Dean of Libraries or the Dean of the Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law. The Dean of Libraries and the Dean of the Cecil C. Humphreys are authorized to enter into contract for the purchase of library materials, electronic resources, and other non-print media, subject to the limitations contained in the Tennessee Code Annotated, and other applicable rules and regulations. Special or unusual acquisition problems should be brought to the attention of the Vice President of Business and Finance through the Office of the Provost.



The general responsibilities and functions of either the University Libraries or the School of Law Library in respect to acquisition of and accounting for library materials are:

  1. To acquire library materials and services within fund limitations for the various departments and activities of the University in a manner that will ensure that maximum value is obtained, and to ensure that qualified suppliers are given an equal opportunity to participate in furnishing University requirements.
  2. To expedite the delivery of library materials to meet the requirements of the using department.
  3. To handle complaints, claims, and adjustments and to negotiate the return of material or arrange for other settlement.
  4. To initiate or respond to all correspondence with suppliers of library materials concerning quotations and purchase orders.
  5. To consolidate requirements, where possible, between the University Libraries and the School of Law Library and within consortia of which either is a member, to obtain quantity discounts for volume purchases.
  6. To dispose of all library materials which have been declared surplus or obsolete as authorized by appropriated governing laws.



Accountable records pertaining to acquisitions and disposal of library materials shall be in accordance with good business practices as outlined in appropriate university library administration publications (i.e., Rogers and Weber. University Library Administration, H.W. Wilson, 1971). Such records are subject to audit.

University Libraries and School of Law Library procedures shall be published outlining internal controls pertaining to acquisitions, controls, and disposal. Copies of these procedures will be furnished to the Vice President for Business and Finance.

University Libraries and School of Law Library shall be responsible for ensuring that funds are available before goods are ordered. Any purchase contract for library materials involving expenduture of more than $20,000 must be approved by the provost. A written statement of outstanding orders in all areas of the University Libraries and School of Law Library acquisitions budgets shall be provided by the Dean of Libraries and the Dean of the School of Law to the Department of Accounting on the last working day of each fiscal year.

Appropriate procedures governing the purchase of library materials will be published by the provost. Such procedures, being essentially of a business nature, will be coordinated with the vice president of business and finance prior to publication.


TBR Policy Purchasing Policy and Procedures

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