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Residence Hall Visitation


Issued: August 16, 2004
Responsible Executive Officer: Vice President for Student Affairs
Responsible Office: Student Affairs / Residence Life

Policy Statement


University housing facilities are open only to residents of that hall/apartment, to University officials, and to guests and visitors who have a legitimate reason for being in the building. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests and visitors.


 This policy is intended to protect residents' right to safety, security and privacy.




Residence Hall Overnight GuestsResidence Hall overnight guests are guests of the same sex as the resident.

Residence Hall VisitorsResidence Hall visitors are visitors of the opposite sex of the resident and must abide by the visitation hours. Visitors are not permitted overnight.


Residence Hall Overnight Guests

Procedure for registering guests in resident's rooms:

  1. An overnight guest is permitted for a maximum of 6 nights per semester with roommate approval and bed availability.
  2. Guests must be registered with the appropriate Assistant Area Coordinator.
  3. Guests must accompany resident and may not remain in the building unless the resident is in the hall.
  4. A guest must register with the appropriate Assistant Area Coordinator by 4:00 pm on the date he/she plans to be a guest of a hall resident.
  5. Only pre-registered guests carrying acceptable identification will be allowed to enter residence halls after they have been secured for the night.
  6. Permission to have a guest who is a minor must be obtained from the Area Coordinator prior to the minor's arrival on campus.
  7. Residents will be responsible for their guests' behavior.
  8. Residents who permit unauthorized guests or additional room occupants will be subject to disciplinary action, and the unauthorized person(s) will be treated as a trespasser.

Residence Hall Visitation

Every visitation option will meet the following criteria:

  1. Residence Hall visitation will not be scheduled during the week of Spring Break. Exact information relative to the first day of visitation for the semester will be posted in each residence hall.
  2. A desk sign-in and sign-out procedure is required. Residents will use their hall or area lobby desks as check-in points and residents having visitors must show their student identification cards at the check-in points.
  3. Residents will accompany their visitors to and from check-in points. Unaccompanied visitors or unauthorized persons are permitted only in public areas of residence halls, i.e. lobbies, recreation areas. Members of the opposite sex found elsewhere in a residence hall unaccompanied by a resident of the building will be considered trespassers. Student trespassers may be subject to action by the University and/or civil authorities.
  4. A maximum of five (5) visitors per room or apartment is permitted.
  5. Residents and their visitors will wear clothing suitable for classroom attire while visitors are present in their rooms.
  6. Room checks may be made at any time during a visitation program.
  7. Visiting hours in public areas in residence halls extend from 8:00 AM to the close of the visitation program. Residence halls will be secured at the time of closing.
  8. A parent of the opposite sex is permitted to visit a student's room at times other than visitation periods provided that a residence hall staff member grants permission.


Whom do I contact with further questions?

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Revision Dates

 UM1597 - Issued August 16, 2004 supercedes procedures 2E:20:01K, 2E:20:01L

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