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Publicity and Mass Media


Issued:  September 29, 2016
Responsible Official: 
Responsible Office:  Marketing and Communications

Policy Statement

Policy Statement

All public relations, marketing and advertising activities for the University of Memphis, with the exception of athletics, are the responsibility of the Office of Marketing and Communications and should be coordinated through this office.


  To inform the University community how to promote campus events and how to respond if contacted by the news media.


Event Promotion

All public relations and publicity efforts should be coordinated with the Director of Communications Services. Public relations and publicity efforts include news releases, official statements, the arrangement of interviews and any type of publicity or promotion that involves the University.

The Office of Marketing and Communications works closely with reporters and editors of newspapers and magazines, as well as contacts with radio and television stations. Staff are available to provide advice on obtaining maximum coverage for an event or program, guidance on dealing with the media and materials to assist in promoting the University.

Before an event can be publicized, it must be listed in the University's centralized calendaring system.

News Media Inquiries

The Office of Marketing and Communications should be notified anytime a University office or official is contacted by the news media, with the exception of on-campus media including the Daily Helmsman. This office also has the responsibility for producing official University statements.

Revision Dates

  UM1581 -- revised September 29, 2016
UM1581 -- issued July 14, 2004 - supercedes procedure number 2A:02:02A

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