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Issued:  September 29, 2016
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Responsible Office:  Marketing and Communications

Policy Statement

Policy Statement

The University of Memphis has set forth the following guidelines for print publications produced with state appropriated funds:

  • That administrative review processes be in place for every printed publication.
  • That there be a continual effort to reduce printing costs.
  • That total publications costs be recorded, maintained on campus and submitted to the Higher Education Publications Committee as requested for cost comparison information.


  To provide information to the University community regarding requirements for print publications and advertising.




External Publication Any print publication to be distributed off campus as contrasted to interdepartmental distribution.


Proposing a New Publication

Each proposed external publication will be referred to the Office of Marketing and Communications prior to being produced. All publication requests shall be reviewed primarily for justification. These questions must be answered:

  • Is there a definite need for the publication?
  • Will it have a long enough useful life to justify its production?
  • Will publication costs be prohibitive in terms of expected benefits to the University?
  • Could the content of the proposed publication be combined with or included in the format of an existing publication?
  • Is the publication in compliance with University brand standards?

Brand Standards

Each external publication shall contain the following elements:

  • A prominent display of the name University of Memphis.
  • The name of the originating division, department or office.
  • The current University logo or wordmark (or with special approval, the University seal).
  • The complete affirmative action statement as follows: "The University of Memphis, a Tennessee Board of Regents institution, is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action University. It is committed to education of a non-racially identifiable student body."
  • A unique publication number obtained from the Office of Marketing and Communications. This unique publication number must be printed on all newsletters, brochures and other publications paid for with University funds. This applies to publications printed both on-campus and off-campus.

Newsletters Newsletters must be approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications and must have a unique publication number assigned annually.

Print Numbers To acquire a publication number, contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Publications Requiring Publication Numbers

Examples of external publications which require a publication number are:

  • Undergraduate and graduate catalogs
  • Admissions applications (if printed not as a part of a catalog)
  • Housing applications
  • Financial aid applications
  • Brochures or other pamphlets produced for general information purposes
  • Brochures, posters, calendars, pamphlets, fliers, programs, etc., promoting cultural or athletic events
  • Alumni and development materials
  • Seminar and workshop registration forms and brochures
  • Campus telephone directories

Other publications which must have a publication number, but are not as a rule produced for the general public are:

  • Campus, college and department newsletters
  • Faculty and student handbooks

Publications Not Requiring Publication Numbers

Certain printed materials which are intended solely for internal use may be excluded from the requirement that a publication number be affixed. Examples of such internal use publications are:

  • Internal newsletters
  • Work processing forms for internal use, e.g. work orders, requisitions, transfer vouchers, voucher authorizations, vehicle requests, personnel action forms and similar documents used solely for the internal procession of work.
  • Research project reports (if printed for distribution solely to institutional officials or the sponsoring agency)
  • Research survey instruments
  • Classroom testing instruments
  • Instructional materials (workbooks, laboratory manuals, etc., even if sold on consignment at a campus bookstore)
  • Personnel policy manuals
  • Fiscal policy manuals
  • Grade reports
  • Tickets for cultural and athletic events (whether distributed internally or externally)
  • Student newspapers
  • Meal tickets
  • Traffic citations

Advertising Purchase requisitions for advertising placed with the media, with the exception of job postings, shall be forwarded to the Office of Marketing and Communications for review and approval before the Purchasing Department contracts with the appropriate media.


How do I obtain a publication number? Contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.


TBR Guideline G-140: Publications

Tennessee Code Annotated, Sections 12-7-106-108

Revision Dates

  UM1580 -- revised September 29, 2016
UM1580 -- issued July 14, 2004 - supercedes policy number 1:2A:05:01

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