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Leave Transfer Between State Institutions and State Agencies


Issued: June 13, 2017
Responsible Official: Vice President for Business & Finance
Responsible Office: Human Resources

Policy Statement

Policy Statement

It is the policy of the University of Memphis to transfer or receive accrued and accumulated sick and annual leave balances of any employee who transfers employment between the University of Memphis and any other State of Tennessee agency, office, department, college, university, institute, or school.



To establish a process for transfer of annual and sick leave balances between the University of Memphis and other State of Tennessee employers and to assure that the amount of full-time or prorated part-time service accrued by an employee is properly credited for purposes of leave computation by the new State employer.



A calculated amount in proportion to full-time equivalency.


The process of earning leave on a monthly basis.


Creditable Service

When an employee transfers between State of Tennessee employers, the transferring employee should submit a written request to the applicable Department of Human Resources and request adjustment of their records to show service established with prior State employer(s). The last employer shall be responsible for certifying this creditable service and the eligibility for sick leave credit to the re-employing agency, college or university.

Transferring Leave

An employee who transfers to another State employer shall not be paid for his/her accrued and unused leave. Rather, all unused annual and sick leave shall be transferred to the other institution or state agency.

When any teacher employed by a local school board in Tennessee leaves the employment of that board and later serves for two continuous years as a System employee who is eligible to accrue sick leave, all unused sick leave accumulated shall be transferred to the employing institution. The teacher may waive such transfer by notice to the person at the institution responsible for his or her appointment, and if employed on or after May 28, 1977, any such leave must be determined prior to the appointment. Before any transfer of leave is accepted the previous employer must certify to the System employer that the sick leave for which credit is being sought actually is accrued and due and is substantiated by records of the agency compiled during the course of employment and not from records compiled solely for purposes of establishing leave credit.

If any teacher employed by a local school board in Tennessee leaves the employment of that board in good standing and becomes a full-time State employee within six months of the date of termination, the employee shall immediately be credited with all sick leave to which he or she was entitled at the time of the previous termination.


May Annual Leave be paid out when an employee transfers to another institution instead of transferring it?

No, annual leave may not be paid out unless there is a break in service of five or more work days between employment at the two agencies. NOTE: Sick leave is never paid out when transferring.


Annual Leave

Sick Leave

Teachers employed by a local school board in Tennessee

T.C.A. 49-5-710 and 711



Revision Dates

 UM1527 -- Revised June 13, 2017
UM1527 - Issued: February 17, 2005 supercedes policy number 2D:05:01I

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