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Recruitment for Staff Positions


Issued: August 15, 2017
Responsible Official: Vice President for Business & Finance
Responsible Office: Human Resources

Policy Statement

Policy Statement

The University of Memphis is a drug–free campus and does not discriminate against applicants for employment on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, age, status as a protected veteran, genetic information, or any other legally protected class with respect to all employment, programs and activities sponsored by the University of Memphis.


 To ensure that external and internal applicants for University staff position openings are treated fairly and consistently during recruiting, hiring, promotion, and transfer processes.   





A job change from one position to another where the new duties require less skill, responsibility and /or scope of authority and typically includes a decrease in salary.


A job change where an employee applies for and is selected for a vacant position in a different classification and/or a different position which requires greater skill, responsibility and /or scope of authority.

Lateral Transfer

A change from one position (or job title) to another which requires similar skills, responsibility, and/or scope of authority as the previous job. This action may or may not warrant a salary adjustment based on new responsibility and /or scope of authority.

Internal Postings

Recruitment that is limited to internal candidates (i.e. current employees). 


Recruiting Process

Hiring officials request to fill position openings via workforum, the University's paperless applicant tracking system. In addition, all approvals and recommendations related to the request are built into the online workflow. These postings are consistent with equal employment opportunity (EEO) and affirmative action objectives.

Application Deadlines- All postings close at 11:59 pm CST on the advertised closing date.

Advertising - All job openings are automatically advertised in workforum and various job sites as determined by Workforce Management and Office for Institutional Equity (OIE). Departments may also post externally, i.e., newspapers, journals, magazines, etc. based on funding. All external postings must be coordinated with Workforce Management.  

Waiver of Search- In compliance with the university’s affirmative action plan, all positions should be advertised. Under unique circumstances, recruitment may be waived after appropriate review and approval. Please contact the Office for Institutional Equity or Workforce Management for specific instructions.

Interviews – Candidates recommended for interview and approved by OIE will be scheduled and coordinated by the hiring department.

Pre-Employment Checks- All pre-employment checks will be managed by Workforce Management.

Institutional Equity Review – All recommendations by hiring officials will be reviewed and are subject to approval by OIE. No offer may be made until these steps have been completed.

Offers of Employment and Formal Appointments – Workforce Management will notify recommended candidates and make the formal job offer upon confirmation of all final approvals.

Internal Recruitment

Eligibility to Apply for Openings – Any employee who wishes to apply for another University position may do so except in two cases:

  • The employee has been employed in his/her position for less than six months.
  • The employee is on a formal Performance Improvement Plan.

Waiver Process for Employees on Probationary Periods

  • Employees applying to other positions during their probationary period must get a waiver from their immediate supervisor.  Waiver requests must be approved by the AVP/Chief Human Resources Officer.

Application Process - Current employees will follow the same application process as external candidates.

Employees applying for a position considered a demotion will be notified of the job change prior to finalizing the hire from HR.

Notice to Department - All employees who accept other positions within the University must give their department/supervisor at least two weeks’ notice, although preferably administrative/professional employees will give a one-month notice. The department, at their discretion, may waive the notice requirement. Human Resources reserves the right to enforce the notice requirement.


New Employee Orientation – All employees i.e. regular full-time, regular part-time, limited and temporary employees must attend a New Employee Orientation.

Probationary Employment Period - Staff employees serve in a probationary status for the first six months following their hire date, and will serve subsequent probationary periods for six months following the date of any promotion or transfer to a different position. Employees may be terminated at any time for any reason during their probationary period. Employees terminated within their probationary period do not have appeal rights under the Grievance Process and Conflict Resolution Policy(UM1564).

Nepotism - The State of Tennessee nepotism law is designed to prevent occurrences whereby relatives who are employees of the University are in a direct supervisory line to each other. The University discourages family members from working in the same department. Please refer to the University’s Nepotism and Personal Relationships Policy (UM1797) for more information.


Application for Employment

Nepotism Policy

Background Check Policy

Waiver of Search Form

Drug-Free Policy

Grievance Process and Conflict Resoloution Policy

Faculty Handbook

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