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Use of University Seal and Logos


Issued:  September 27, 2016
Responsible Official:  Vice President for Communications, Marketing and Public Relations
Responsible Office:  Marketing and Communications

Policy Statement

Policy Statement

Use of the University of Memphis seal and logos is governed by the University's Brand Standards Guide. The intent of the guide is to maintain the integrity of the brand and therefore build a strong, unified image for the University.



To provide standards for the use of the University's seal and logos and to provide contact information for those logos requiring special permission for use.




Brand Standards Manual A manual containing guidelines for proper use of the University's seal, logos and brand, or image, in general. The manual also includes guidelines for stationery, typefaces and other elements of University publications.

Logo The logo is the primary brand of the University of Memphis. Also referred to as the wordmark, the logo consists of the words "The University of Memphis" and has a registration mark. The University has four other signatures: the secondary logo, to be used on stationery only; the University seal; the athletic logo; and the Alumni Association logo.


Use of the Seal The University seal may only be used on official documents such as transcripts, major report and research covers, diplomas, contracts, formal invitations and engraved notecards. It may also appear on selected wearing apparel and gift items upon proper licensing. Those seeking permission to use the University's official academic seal should contact Marketing and Communications at

Use of the Athletics Logo

Those seeking permission to use athletic logos and symbols should contact the Athletics office at (901) 678-2334.

Use of the Alumni Association Logo Those seeking to use the Alumni Association logo should contact the Alumni Association office at (901) 678-5314.


The University must approve all uses of its logo and symbol, and it may require appropriate samples before approval for sale or distribution. Whenever and wherever any such logos or symbols are used, the appropriate registration marks must be included.

The University currently has a contract with a licensing company for merchandising and distribution. Individuals or groups desiring to sell U of M apparel or other goods will be directed to work with this company. Information is available by calling (901) 678-2334.


How do I ensure I'm using the University seal and logos in an appropriate manner?

Consult the latest edition of the Brand Standards Guide. The guide is available online at

Link to Brand Standards FAQ


Brand Standards Guide

Revision Dates

  UM1419 -- revised September 27, 2016
UM1419 -- issued July 14, 2004 - supercedes policy number 1:2D:04:03

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