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Telecommunications Services


Issued: March 10, 2014
Responsible Official: Vice President for Information Technology
Responsible Office: Network Services

Policy Statement

Policy Statement

Centralized telecommunications' services for the University shall be established and operated as a part of Information Technology Services (ITS).  The University owns and operates its telecommunications systems.  ITS represents the University in all matters relating to telecommunications services.  All University departments must acquire telecommunications services from ITS.  Services include local phones and the associated services, voice mail, cable TV, pager service, and long distance services. Charges to departments are approved by the Budget Council.     



To delineate the centralized telecommunications services available to the University community (faculty, staff, and students).  



Transmitting data electronically over a communications line. 


Cable Access Television


Local Service - Faculty & Staff
  1. Each University department is responsible for the cost of its telephone services.
  2. A one-time charge from ITS will be made for installation of lines or wires.  There may be additional charges incurred for work performed by Physical Plant (i.e. drilling through walls, ceilings, core floors, etc.).
  3. All digital telephone sets must be obtained from the Telecommunications Office.


Local Telephone Service - Resident Student
  1. Telephone jacks are installed in every residence hall room. 
  2. Students must provide their own telephone set.
  3. Cost is included in the residence fee.
  4. Residence Life will inform students of their room telephone number and regulations.


Long Distance Service - University Business
  1. All long distance calls require the use of an authorization code.
  2. Department/activity heads must approve the receipt of an authorization code to each employee whose position requires long distance calling privileges for University-related business.  Codes will be assigned to the associated budget account for monthly detailed billing purposes.
  3. Employees receiving an authorization code must sign a statement acknowledging proper uses and personal responsibility.
  4. Long distance calls may be logged when made to assist in the verification of monthly bills. 
  5. Under no circumstances shall authorization codes be shared.
  6. Authorization codes should never be used for non-University purposes.
  7. Collect calls cannot be accepted on University extensions.
  8. Long distance calling cards may be obtained by employees needing the ability to make long distance calls on behalf of the University while away from the University.
  9. No personal long distance calls shall be charged to the University.


Long Distance Service - Personal Use
  1. Any regular employee or enrolled student of the University may subscribe and be issued a personal long distance authorization code for use on campus by completing an application at the Telecommunications Office and paying a deposit to the Bursar.
  2. Invoices will be generated monthly and payment made to the Bursar's Office is due upon receipt, but no later than the invoice delinquent date.
  3. If a balance is more than 30 days in arrears, or if any balance is not paid within 60 days, the authorization code will be deactivated until payment is received.  Delinquent charges may be deducted from the employee's pay in accordance with policy entitled Employee Debts to the University (UM1753). Failure by a student to pay any billed charges will result in any credit(s) that the student has on deposit with the University to be applied to the outstanding bills and the student will be required to re-establish the forfeited deposit.
  4. There is a maximum usage limit as specified in the Rate table. Once surpassed, authorization is immediately deactivated and the subscriber must show proof of payment reducing the balance to a minimum set amount in order to reactivate the authorization code.
  5. If an authorization code is lost, stolen, used by unauthorized persons, or should be cancelled for any reason, the Telecommunications Office must be notified immediately by the subscriber.  The owner will continue to be responsible for all charges until notification is received.


Verification of Charges
  1. Detailed monthly reports of all charges will be provided by Telecommunications.
  2. All charges should be verified (see Long Distance Service - University Business, items 4 and 8); incorrect charges should be reported to Telecommunications within 10 days of invoice date.
  3. Redirected charges should be submitted to Accounting via an Authorization to Credit Cash Receipts to Expenditure Accounts form []


Request for Service
  1. Requests for services should be made by using the standard work order request form []
  2. The responsible budget account official must authorize requests for service.


Other Services

Video Teleconference

  1. Requests should be made through [] and are handled on a first come, first served basis.
  2. Telecommunications will arrange for broadcasting with the provider and will deliver the broadcast to the requester at a cost. 

Network Television

  1. Entertainment television or cable television services will be provided to all resident students living on the main campus.
  2. Administrative areas may subscribe to CATV programming by completing the standard work order [] which is approved at the Dean or Director level.
  3. Charges will be billed monthly.

Information Broadcast Services

  1. Voice and video information may be broadcast to the University community through Telecommunications via the University's telephone hold message or the University's cable television system.
  2. University departments and groups wishing to transmit information should submit the requested text of the informational message to Telecommunications. 
  3. Message content and duration are subject to approval by Telecommunications.



All rates for telecommunications services are monthly (unless otherwise noted) and can be found at []



Where/How do I contact the Telecommunications Office?

Either by calling 901-678-2999 or visiting the website at

How do I obtain Cellular Phone Service?

 Please see the University's Cellular Phones policy (UM1688).

Revision Dates

  UM1394 - March 10, 2014
UM1394 Rev.1 -- updated August 11, 2008 Supercedes policy number 1:2D:03:09

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