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TAF Computers, Subsequent Use of


Issued: March 18, 2014
Responsible Official: Vice President for Information Technology
Responsible Office: Information Technology Services

Policy Statement

Policy Statement

Computers purchased with Technology Access Fee (TAF) funds for use in student computer laboratories are to be made available to faculty, to non-TAF student labs, and to other constructive instructional purposes after their use in TAF labs.  When TAF computers are replaced in TAF labs, the older computers are to be assigned according to the following scheme on a priority basis as determined by the Deans TAF Committee:  1) Full-time faculty or non-TAF student computer labs; 2) Teaching Assistants & Research Assistants; 3) Adjunct Faculty with campus offices; or 4) Retired Faculty with teaching responsiblities.

If these priorities have been satisfied, the computers may be subsequently assigned to staff members with priority given to those who provide instructional support.  Information Technology Services will maintain, with the help of the colleges, a central database of all TAF computers and related equipment.

TAF pays for maintenance of equipment and consumable supplies for TAF labs and classrooms.  After ownership of TAF equipment is transferred to a non-TAF facility, funds for maintenance of computers and printers and consumable supplies become the responsibility of the unit receiving the recycled TAF equipment.  



To assign usage of TAF lab computers as they are replaced.   



Technology Access Fee.  A fee paid each semester by enrolled students to provide instructional technology.


Any laboratory or facility functioning as a laboratory, the equipment of which has been purchased with TAF funds.

TAF Computer

Any computer purchased with TAF funds, identified by a University property tag and a TAF sticker. 


A Local Technical Support Provider.  An IT professional who delivers support to a college or administrative unit.

Deans' TAF Committee

The Deans' TAF Committee is composed of the academic deans who act as an advisory committee to the Provost and Chief Information Officer / Vice Provost of Information Technology Services on matters related to academic uses of student Technology Access Fee.    


Placement and Tracking

Each year the Deans' TAF Committee authorizes or recommends the purchase of computers for new TAF labs or for replacement of older TAF computers.  Most TAF computers are replaced on a three or four-year cycle.  Information Technology Services will assign ownership to the colleges or units for which the new equipment was purchased, and will give the requisite forms to the Accounting Office.   During one of their regularly scheduled meetings, or other times as requested, the Deans' TAF Committee will provide to the Vice Provost of Information Technology Services, or designee, a list of faculty names and unit locations for possible assignment of the used TAF machines.   All requisite forms for assigning ownership of the used computers will be given to the Accounting Office by the unit holding ownership at the time of transfer.  The subsequent use and tracking of these assigned TAF computers will be managed by the responsible official, or designee, by using the University's system of inventory control and by adhering to TBR guidelines.

Revision Dates

 UM1390 - March 18, 2014
UM1390 Rev.2 -- September 26, 2008
UM1390 Rev.1 -- updated May 8, 2007
UM1390 - Issued: June 19, 2003

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