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Issued: May 28, 2013
Responsible Official: Vice President for Student Affairs
Responsible Office: Student Health Services

Policy Statement

Policy Statement

The University will maintain an outpatient health service on the main campus, which will be staffed by a qualified physician, nurse practioners and nurses.



The purpose of this policy is to describe eligibility for care at Student Health Services and medical records requirements.


Eligibility for Care

Students may be seen during the semester in which they are enrolled.  Enrollment shall be determined based on a current University identification card which must be presented for access to services.

During the summer semester, students not enrolled for summer session courses who were enrolled in the spring semester of the current year, are eligible for services during the summer session by paying a per visit access fee. Ancillary lab and/or x-ray may require an additional charge or charges. Eligibility for services, under this policy will expire on the last day of registration for the fall semester.

Faculty and Staff may be seen during regular hours when the university is open.  An access fee will be charged per visit and a current University identification card must be presented.  If any ancillary services are required, there will be a charge for the services provided. 

Medical Records

Prior to treatment in Student Health Services, the patient is required to complete a short medical history form.  All medical records of patients are confidential and information will not be released without written consent from the patient except as required by law or court order.

Insurance claims are not filed for anyone.


What should I do in case of an emergency?

In the event of an injury or sudden emergent illness, please call the University Campus Police at 678-4357 (678-HELP).

What services are offered at Student Health Services?

Diagnosis and treatment of short-term acute medical illnesses on an outpatient basis is provided by Student Health Services. Only first aid services are offered for visitors or university guests on campus.

A Family Planning Clinic is provided by the Shelby County Health Department. 

What are the eligibility requirements for health care at Student Health?

Medical services are available only to students, faculty, and staff.  Students, faculty, and staff must present a valid University identification card before services are rendered.

Whom do I contact with further questions?

Student Health Services Receptionist at 678-2287. Questions may be email to


Student Health Services


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