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Identification of Buildings and Facilities


Issued:  September 7, 2002
Responsible Executive Officer:  Vice President for Business & Finance
Responsible Office:  Physical Plant, Campus Planning & Design, Space Planning & Utilization

Policy Statement


This document details procedures to be followed in the establishment or modification of University building or facility identification information. Only upon approval by the President is building identification information official. Only official building identification information may be utilized in University publications and maps, and for physical signage. Alternate identification information (i.e., names and abbreviations) may not be used.

The inventory of the University's physical facilities maintained by the Office of Space Planning & Utilization is the official source for building identification information.

Tennessee Board of Regents Policy No. 4:02:05:01, Naming Buildings and Facilities and Building Plaques, must be followed when naming a building or facility for an individual.


  This policy establishes uniform guidelines and procedures to be followed regarding the proper identification of all University buildings and facilities. 


Building Identification Information

That set of information related to the identification of a building or facility. Includes:

  • the Official Building Name,
  • the Environmental Graphics name (for use on physical signage),
  • an Abbreviated Name,
  • a 2-5 character Abbreviation (for use on maps),
  • the Official Street Address,
  • the Official Mailing Address, and
  • the Official Building Number (established by Accounting).


Assignment or Change in Building/Facility Identification When a capital funding request or other documents seeking project approval are submitted to the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR), a temporary usage name will be utilized by Campus Planning and Design as approved by the Vice President for Business and Finance.  The temporary name will be used to identify the project until the official building name is assigned.  Once the project is approved by TBR and the State Building Commission and funding has been allocated, a building number will be assigned by Accounting.  The building number will not change. 

When ready to finalize permanent identification for the building or facility, the Office of Space Planning & Utilization will contact the following departments for additional information as noted:

 - Physical Plant will obtain the official street address from Memphis Light Gas & Water

 - Campus Planning & Design will develop the proposed official environmental graphics name for the facility

 - Office of Space Planning & Utilization will develop the official building abbreviation consistent with established formatting guidelines and "wayfinding" practices

 - Mail Services will assign the official Mailing Address.

The Office of Space Planning & Utilization will provide this information to the Facilities and Services Standing Committee for completion of the 'Recommendation of Assignment or Change in Building/Facility Identification' form (available from the Office of Space Planning & Utilization). The Facilities and Services Standing Committee will include its recommendation for the official building name.

The Facilities and Services Standing Committee will forward the completed form to the Vice President for Business and Finance for endorsement and submittal to the President for approval.

When the need arises to modify the identification of a building (e.g., name change), the same procedure as that used for initial identification will be utilized.

Distribution of Building Identification Information Upon approval by the President, the signed document will be provided to the Office of Space Planning and Utilization for use in maintaining the official building identification information in the Physical Facilities Inventory. 

Campus Planning & Design will inform TBR of the results and the Office of Space Planning & Utilization will distribute copies of the approved "Recommendation of Assignment or Change in Building/Facility Identification" to the following offices.  These offices are responsible for maintaining the official names and abbreviations in the databases and publications for which they are responsible.  Alternate names and abbreviations are not to be used.

  • Provost
  • Vice President, Business and Finance
  • Vice President, Information Systems
  • Vice President, Marketing and Advancement
  • Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Assistant Vice President, Finance
  • Director, Public Safety
  • Vice Provost, Academic Affairs - Catalogs, Bulletins
  • Controller - Annual Financial Report
  • Property Accountant - Property Location Listing in Financial Resources System (FRS)
  • Assistant Vice President, Human Resources - Work Location Table in Human Resources System (HRS)
  • Director, Creative Services - Campus Directory
  • Asst Vice President, Physical Plant - Maintenance & Operations 
  • Asst Vice President, Campus Planning & Design - Maps, Environmental and Common Use Graphics
  • Director, Continuing Education - Location of Classes in Continuing Education System
  • Registrar - Location of Classes for Student Information System (SIS) and Class Room Scheduling System
  • Director, Residence Life - Names of residence halls in Residence Life System

At the close of each fiscal year, the Office of Space Planning & Utilization will review the master list of building identifications to ensure that any new University facilities completed during the current year are correctly identified.  The master list will be maintained in the Physical Facilities Inventory.


When does the Facilities & Services Standing Committee meet?

The Facilities & Services Standing Committee meets as needed but at least quarterly. For more information about this Committee, including charge and membership, look on the web at:

Where can I get a campus map with correct building names/abbreviations?

Contact the Assistant Vice President for Campus Planning & Design or access their website at

How do I find out the official name of a building? The Office of Space Planning and Utilization maintains the official list of building names and abbreviations (online at ).

Who do I contact with further questions?

Contact the Director, Office of Space Planning & Utilization. Consult the department's web site:

for contact information.


Offie of Space Planning & Utilization

Tennessee Board of Regents Policy 4:02:05:01

Campus Maps

Official University Mailing Addresses, by Department

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  September 7, 2002 ( UM1368 )

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