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Distribution of Salary Payments


Issued: February 03, 2017
Responsible Official: Vice President for Business & Finance
Responsible Office: Payroll Office

Policy Statement

Policy Statement

The University of Memphis pays employees via direct deposit in accordance with the State of Tennessee mandate. Direct deposit is a process by which an individual's net pay is electronically transmitted to the employee's account at a financial institution.  The University does not require or recommend the use of any particular financial institution; however, the financial institution must be a member of the Automated Clearing House (ACH). 

Upon initial employment, an individual must provide the Payroll Office with a completed  Authorization for Direct Deposit  form with appropriate attachments (normally a voided check).

Since a pre-notification (verification) must be processed through the Automated Clearing House before actual funds are transmitted, the first payment to a new employee may be a paper check.  Employees receiving a paper check may pick it up at the Bursar's Office on payday.  An email notification will be sent to the employee's University email address for both paper checks and direct deposits.

Pay dates are based on an individual's pay type and assignment.  The following procedures are based on normal situations, but if specific information is needed for a particular employee, the department should refer to the individual's assignment data.

 Department heads are responsible for ensuring that employees are paid in accordance with this procedure by submitting the appropriate Workforce Management Forms via paper or the Workforum System and reviewing payroll reports in a timely manner.  Appointment/Re-appointment forms must be submitted to the Workforce Management Office or the Student Employment Office within the due dates established by those offices.  Reporting of time for bi-weekly employees must be completed and submitted to the Payroll Office by the date specified on the Bi-Weekly Schedule of Payrolls.

Employees may access pay stub information in the Employment Details channel via the Employee tab within the myMemphis portal.         



This procedure establishes the normal payroll distribution method for The University of Memphis.


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Direct DepositA process by which an individual's net pay is electronically transferred to the employee's account at a financial institution.

Assignment Data

Data describing the terms and conditions of an employee's employment. For example, each job has a unique title, pay rate, and time reporting requirement.

Paper Check

A traditional paper check may be issued for the first payment to a new employee while the direct deposit routing data is being verified by the pre-notification process.

Normal Pay Dates

Normal pay dates are as follows:

  • Monthly Payroll - last banking day of the month
  • Bi-weekly Payroll - last banking day of the week after the close of the pay period
  • Extra compensation and other supplemental pay - last banking day of the month

Pre-Notification Process

The pre-notification process involves sending zero dollar amounts through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network as a test before the actual direct deposit for an employee to ensure that the routing number and account number are correct.


Direct Deposit

Upon employment, all employees must provide the Payroll Office with an Authorization for Direct Deposit and a copy of a voided check (or appropriate documentation of the bank account and routing numbers).   Changes to bank account information or direct deposit distributions to multiple bank accounts may be made at any time by submitting a new form with appropriate documentation (voided check) to the Payroll Office.  The account that an employee provides for the direct deposit must be in the employee's name.

Pay is transmitted to the Automated Clearing House according to the Schedule of Pay Dates

Paper Checks

Paper checks are issued when the pre-notification process is incomplete and a direct deposit dollar transaction cannot be processed.  All paper checks issued will be delivered to the Bursar's Office on the official pay date.  An individual employee may pick up his/her paper check during normal hours of the Bursar's Office.  The employee must present his/her University identification card.  Departments with employees located at sites off the main campus must make pick-up and distribution arrangements with the Accounting Office.

Payroll checks not picked up by the employee after ten workdays will be returned to the Accounting Office.  The Accounting Office will mail the check to the address printed on the check.

Departmental Review

Department heads should review the Labor Distribution by FOAPAL Report (NYPR001) to ensure that each person listed is entitled to the payment shown.  The NYPR001 Report is generated after each payroll and may be accessed in the Banner HR Repository via the Banner ePrint channel within the myMemphis portal.  Questions/comments should be directed to the Payroll Office at

Appropriate Due Dates

All payments outlined above are contingent upon necessary forms, actions, and approvals being completed and submitted by the appropriate due dates.  Due dates for appointment and related paperwork are established by the offices of Human Resources and Student Employment.  Due dates for reporting time are issued by the Payroll Office and are included in the Bi-Weekly Schedule of Pay Dates

Payments authorized by actions completed after the cut-off dates will be included on the next regular payroll for that individual.


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