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Evaluation of Faculty Members


Issued: July 2, 2003
Responsible Official: Provost
Responsible Office: Office of the Provost

Policy Statement

Policy StatementDepartment chairs will annually evaluate the faculty in their department and use the results of these evaluations as a basis for personnel decisions such as to tenure, promotion, job assignments, and salary increases, and other personnel actions, including decisions regarding renewal of tenure-track appointments.  The review will consider a faculty member's performance in all areas that further the mission of the University, including teaching and advising, research and other scholarly or creative activity, and public and University service.

Any review of a faculty member's professional performance should be conducted with the full knowledge of the faculty member, should inform the faculty member of the findings prior to the transmittal of the conclusions of the review, and should allow the faculty member to verify that the review has been based on full and complete information.



To provide for the fair and equitable assessment of each faculty member's job-related performance on an annual basis and to provide information for personnel decisions.


Tenure-Track FacultyAppointments for full time faculty positions employed for a probationary period prior to consideration for tenure.


Annual Evaluation and Planning ReportEach spring the Office of the Provost will provide department chairs with information and forms for preparing the annual evaluation report. 


Evaluation Form


Faculty Evaluation Process

Revision Dates

 UM1315 - Issued: July 2, 2003 supercedes policy number 2B:02:02A

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