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Issued: February 10, 2017
Responsible Official: Provost
Responsible Office: Provost

Policy Statement

Policy StatementTenure is the right of certain full-time faculty at the University of Memphis to the assurance of continued employment in an academic organizational unit (e.g., a department or school) during the academic year until retirement, dismissal for adequate cause, financial exigency, or curricular reasons, subject to the rules and regulations of the Tennessee Board of Regents. Tenure can be awarded only by positive action of the Tennessee Board of Regents on the recommendation of the president of the University. Confirmation of tenure is sent to each faculty member by the president who is the only authority to make representation regarding tenure. Tenure does not guarantee a specified salary, position, or summer session employment.

Tenure-track appointments do not include any right to permanent or continuous employment; do not create any manner of legal right, interest, or expectancy of renewal or any other type of appointment; and are subject to annual renewal by the University. 



To communicate all provisions, definitions, and stipulations of the University of Memphis tenure policy.   


Tenure Process

The tenure process begins at the department level and requires an understanding of the objectives and aims, not only of the department or appropriate academic unit, but also of the college and university.  Departmental and college criteria are consistent with the policies of the University and the Tennessee Board of Regents, but are tailored to the demands of the specific discipline and are designed to allow each department to maintain the degree of specialization in its faculty that the profession requires. Departmental criteria are approved by the dean, provost, and president. College criteria are approved by the provost and president.

Detailed procedures for tenure preparation, application, and review process are published by the Office of the Provost in the U of M Faculty Handbook.  


Tenure Guidelines 

Faculty Handbook


Tennessee Board of Regents Tenure Policy

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