SUBJECT:  Regulating Admission to Non-Academic Activities-Dances

PROCEDURE NO:  2E:13:01A                   DATE:  September 8, 1992

SUPERSEDES PROCEDURE:  2E:13:01A           DATE:  March 26, 1990
Purpose:  Registered student organizations are permitted to
          sponsor activities and dances in the University Center
          in an effort to foster positive social interaction among
          The University of Memphis students in a safe and secure
          environnent.  In order to achieve this objective, the
          following procedure has been adopted and must be
          strictly observed by all sponsoring organizations.
Registered student organizations may use University facilities for
activity purposes, including dances, when space is available and
when all applicable policies and procedures have been met.  The
following procedure specifically addresses dances held in the
University Center, however, the admission requirements stated
herein are applicable to dances held anywhere on the campus of
The University of Memphis.

1.  Procedure for Admission to Dances:

    a. Only individuals with current, valid identification cards
    from a Tennessee Board of Regents System institution, a
    University of Tennessee System institution, or from a college
    or university located in Shelby County, Tennessee, will be
    admitted to the dance.  Identification cards with magnetic
    strips (other than U of M ID cards) cannot be validated by 
    admitting officials; therefore, they will not be accepted for 
    admission to the dance.
    b. Sponsoring organization advisors are responsible for
    ensuring that only individuals with current, valid ID cards
    from an institution specified above are admitted to the
    dance.  A minimum of two support checkers and one advisor
    must be stationed at the designated entrance to the
    University Center prior to and during the entire duration of
    the dance.  Failure to abide by the admission requirements of
    this provision could result in disciplinary action against
    the sponsoring organization.  A Security Officer (See Item 9)
    will assist admitting officials by removing from the premises
    any individual who becomes disruptive as a result of a denial
    of admission to the dance.
    c. An authorized identifying wrist band must be attached to
    the wrist of each individual admitted to the dance.  Any
    person found in the University Center dance area not wearing
    an authorized wristband will be removed from the premises.
    d. Passouts will not be permitted.  If an individual leaves
    the University Center after being admitted to the dance, that
    individual may not reenter either the dance or the U.C.
2.  Publicity:  Advertisement of student dances may be
    distributed on and off campus and must carry the complete
    admission requirements as stated in this procedure.
3. Admission Charge:

    a. When University funds, including student activity fee
    funds, are used, all ticket sales must be coordinated through
    the University Ticket Office.
    b. When University funds are not used, the sponsoring
    organization must complete and have approved, 10 days prior
    to the dance, a "Solicitation of Funds" form.
4.  Sponsorship:  Dances may be sponsored by any registered
    student organization with adequate funds to cover the cost of
    the dance, including publicity and security (see section 9
    below).  The organization must also have completed all
    requirements as set forth in Form A available at the
    Information Desk located in the second floor lobby of the
    University Center.
    Sponsoring organizations shall be responsible for partic-
    ipants' conduct while at the dance.  Conduct of participants 
    must be commensurate with University regulations and Codes 
    of Conduct.  Future scheduling of events will depend upon 
    the organization's ability to control the conduct of those 
    in attendance and the organization's adherence to all 
    applicable University policies and procedures.  Organi-
    zations that fail to adhere to these policies and procedures 
    will not be permitted to sponsor a dance the following 
    semester, and may be subject to disciplinary action (see 
    section 10 below).
5.  Concessions:  If any food or drink is to be distributed or
    sold at the dance, approval must be secured through the
    Office of Student Organizations at least 10 days prior to the
6.  Location:  Dances may be held in the University Center if: 1)
    appropriate space is available, 2) advance space reservations
    are made, and 3) adequate control of attendance can be
7.  Number of Dances: 1) Each registered organization will be
    permitted to sponsor only one dance per semester.  2) No
    dances will be held during the summer.
8.  Sorority/Fraternity Assistance:  Sororities must request and
    obtain assistance from a fraternity to assist in securing
    their dances.  Fraternities must also request and obtain
    the help of a sorority to assist in securing their dances.
9.  Security at Dances:

    a. A minimum of five private security officers must be
    requested in writing on a form available at the Information
    Desk of the University two weeks in advance by the sponsoring
    organization.  Payment of these officers will be the
    responsibility of the sponsoring organization.
    NOTE: Security officers will not be required if the dance is
    sponsored by a single University of Memphis student
    organization (or a single fraternity and a single sorority
    co-sponsoring a dance) and admission is limited to members 
    of the sponsoring organization(s) only.
    b. Gates to Lot #1 (Administrative Lot) will be controlled by
    a member of the Department of Public Safety at least thirty
    minutes prior to the dance and during the duration of the
    dance.  The sponsoring organization will also be responsible
    for payment of this individual.
    c. Private security officers will maintain order during
    dances and will remove any individual loitering around the
    building entrances or in the University of Memphis parking 
    lots, including those loitering in parked vehicles.
    d. Private security officers will normally be assigned as
          (1) One Officer inside the U.C. ballroom dance
          (2) One Officer monitoring the East U.C. entrance
          (3) Two Officers monitoring the U of M Field House
          parking lot; and                 '
          (4) One Supervising Officer roaming the U.C. and
          parking lot areas at will.
    Any change in assignments of private security officers will
    be coordinated by Department of Public Safety Shift Commander
    or the private security agency supervisor and the University
    Dance Coordinator or his designee.
    e. The U of M contact person in the event of a serious
    incident will be the U of M Department of Public Safety Shift
    Commander on duty at the time of the event.
    f. Private Security Officers will be responsible for arrests
    of individuals engaging in any disorders, fights, or other
    illegal acts occurring in the above-referenced areas.
    g. Identification of any individual arrested at the event,
    along with a description of the incident and the names of
    witnesses, will be provided to the U of M Department of
    Public Safety.
    h. U of M Department of Public Safety Officers will be called
    upon for assistance in any matter, including, clearing the
    parking area or managing disruptions.
    i. The University Dance Coordinator will also report
    violations of this policy and/or the Code of Student Conduct
    to the Office of Judicial Affairs.
10. Responsibilities of Sponsoring Organizations and their
    Advisors and/or Faculty/Staff Designates:
    Sponsoring organizations are responsible for ensuring strict
    compliance with all requirements of this procedure.  Failure
    to comply with this procedure, particularly those provisions
    dealing with admission to the dances, may result in the
    imposition of disciplinary sanctions against the sponsoring
    organization and/or the individuals responsible for the
    Advisors and/or faculty/staff designates to sponsoring
    student organizations must be in attendance prior to and
    during the entire duration of the dance.  Attending advisors
    should be identified by name on the Form A submitted to the
    office of the Associate Dean of Student Life.  Advisors to
    the sponsoring organizations are expected to assist
    University and security officials in the strict enforcement
    of this procedure.
    Additionally, sponsoring organizations are required to:
    a. Set up at least thirty minutes prior to the beginning of
    the dance;
    b. Display a sign, available at the Information Desk located
    in the second floor lobby of the U.C., stating admission
    requirements to the dance;
    c. Display signs, available at the Information Desk, stating
    a "No Passouts", "No Outside Containers", and "No Alcohol".
    d. Verify that all outside doors and all stairwell doors
    are locked, including those at the southeast and southwest
    corners of the U.C.;
    e. Station members of sponsoring organization in positions
    to monitor and control outside doors on the first floor
    of the U.C. and the entrance doors to the ballroom;
    f. Require Disc Jockey to announce that anyone not wearing
    a wristband will be removed from the dance;
    g. Arrange for advisors and students to meet with the
    Associate Dean for Student Life and the Associate Dean for
    Minority Affairs prior to the dance.
11. Exceptions:

    a. Any exception to the above procedure must be approved in
    writing by the Associate Dean of Students for Student Life
    prior to the event.
    b. Application by registered student organizations for dances
    at locations other than the University Center may be requested 
    on a Form A filed with the office of the Associate Dean of 
    Students for Student Life.  Specific guidelines and procedures 
    for such dances will be issued on a case by case basis.