SUBJECT:  Outdoor Amplified Musical Events

PROCEDURE NO.:  2E:10:01A                 DATE:  August 30, 1989

SUPERSEDES PROCEDURE NO.:  2E:10:01A      DATE:  May 30, 1979

The Vice President for Student Educational Services (hereafter,
"Vice President") will serve as final authority for approving any
outdoor, amplified musical event on The University of Memphis
campus.  Requests for such events may be made only by a registered
student organization and must first be reviewed by the Associate
Dean for Student Life (hereafter,"Dean").

The Dean may request representatives of the sponsoring organiza-
tion to clarify and discuss the proposal before recommending.  If
a proposal is rejected, the Dean will provide the organization
with a written explanation.  The Dean may also base a recom-
mendation for approval on certain changes or modifications

The Dean will report to the Vice President within five (5) class
days after the request is received.  The Vice President may elect
to:  (a) approve the recommendation, (b) reject the recom-
mendation, or (c) approve the recommendation subject to any
changes or modifications deemed appropriate.  If the Vice
President rejects or modifies the request, a written explanation
will be provided to the organization.

The proposal must be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to
the scheduled event, with a possibility that six (6) weeks
advance notice may be required under certain circumstances
outlined by the Dean.  The proposal must identify the target
audience, the source of funding, the sponsoring student
organization, the identity of event monitors, the nature of the
event, the identity and a description of any performers, clean-up 
provisions and any liability coverage for the event.

The proposal must conform to the following guidelines:

1.  The event may run a maximum of four (4) hours.  It must be
    concluded on weeknights by 10:00 P.M. and on weekends by

2.  Outdoor musical events during class hours are normally not
    permitted and shall in all instances be limited to University-
    wide events (i.e. Homecoming, etc.) and are subject to prior
    approval from the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.

3.  The sound level will be determined and monitored by the
    Associate Dean of Students or a designate assigned to the
    sponsoring student organization.  The sound must be maintained
    at an acceptable level at all times.  The Associate Dean or a
    designate may request the musical group performing and/or the
    sponsor to lower the sound level, taking into consideration:
    a.  The proximity of the event to academic building, residence
        halls or private residences;
    b.  The number of musical instruments and/or the amplification
        capacity of equipment involved in the event;
    c.  The time of day;
    d.  The expected duration of the event; and
    e.  The number of complaints received from the surrounding
        community as to the sound level of the event.

At the request of any authorized University official to lower the
sound level, the musical group performing and/or the sponsoring
registered student organization shall respond immediately.

4.  Off-campus advertising, including but not limited to
    television, radio, posters and handbills are prohibited unless
    specifically requested by the organization and approved by the
    Dean and Vice President.  The intent of this provision is to
    limit the audience for the event to students, faculty and
    staff of the University.

5.  Alcohol and drugs are prohibited.

6.  Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the sponsoring
    registered student organization being subject to possible
    restitution and/or loss of the privilege to sponsor events up
    to a period of one (1) year.  Additionally, any sponsoring
    registered student organization or student who violates the
    provisions of the Code of Student Conduct or the general rules
    and regulations of the University may be subject to the
    sanctions contained therein.

Any proposed location is subject to the approval of the Vice President. 
The areas listed below are suggested as possible locations:

     The Mall area west of the University Center;
     The field north of the Statesman Complex;
     The Intramural Field east of the Recreation Complex;
     The outdoor pool area at the Recreation Complex;
     The fenced parking lot south of Printing Services; or
     The Music Building Amphitheatre.