SUBJECT:  Student Employment

PROCEDURE NO.:  2E:03:02A                   DATED:  November 2, 1988

SUPERSEDES PROCEDURE NO.:  2E:03:02A        DATED:  July 1, 1974

1.  All Students prior to employment must complete an I-9 
    Employment Eligibility Verification Form, Payroll Action Form
    and a W-4 Form.

2.  All forms must be signed by the department chairperson, or
    payroll supervisor and submitted without detachment to the
    Student Employment Office for final approval of pay rate.

3.  Students are not authorized to begin work until all forms have
    been completed, received, and approved by the Student
    Employment Office.

4.  Once a student has been approved for employment, all hours
    worked by the student will be submitted on bi-weekly time
    sheet.  (Please contact the appropriate office for a copy of 
    this Attachment).

5.  Advanced approval should be requested from the Director of
    Student Aid for any student working more than seven and
    one-half (7.5) hours per day.  Students approved to work more
    than seven and one-half hours per day may be paid at a
    different pay rate.
6.  Bi-weekly time sheets must be submitted to the Student
    Employment Office by 12 noon on the first Monday after the end
    of the pay period.

7.  Payroll checks will be distributed to the department
    head/payroll supervisor on the morning of the first Friday
    after the end of the pay period.

8.  At the end of each academic period (academic year and summer)
    all student employees will be automatically terminated.
    Student working for any ensuing period must receive approval
    by resubmitting the appropriate application forms for

9.  When a student is terminated, suspended, graduates, withdraws
    or becomes less than full-time, a termination form (Sample
    attached) must be submitted to the Student Employment

10. In accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations,
    approval for all on-campus student employment will be
    contingent upon proof of a valid social security number.

11. The Student Employment Office adheres with University
    policies regarding student grievance/appeal procedures.
    Students unable to resolve job-related problems may wish to
    utilize these procedures.  (See Subject:  Student Appeal
    Procedure - Student Financial Aid PROCEDURE NO:  2E:03:03A).



  Complete the following information when the student is terminated from 
  your department.    

Student's Name _________________________ Social Security No. ______________

Job Description ___________________________________________________________

Department _____________________________ Account No. ______________________

Initial Date of Employment _____________ Final Date of Employment _________

Evaluation of Student's Work ______________________________________________


                                         Signature of Supervisor

                                         Name of Supervisor