SUBJECT:  University Public Service Activities

PROCEDURE NO.:  2A:17:01A                   DATE:  August 15, 1989

SUPERSEDES PROCEDURE NO.:  2C:01:01A        DATE:  February 1, 1982

As described in The University of Memphis Policy No. 1:2C:01:02, University 
Public Service is the utilization of University resources to assist groups of
individuals, primarily those external to the University, by adding to the 
quality of life in the area served by The U of M.  The primary purpose of
these programs may not be traditional academic instruction nor traditional
research.  Public Service activities will generally be designed to convey
knowledge or inform the citizens, whether they be the general public, elected
officials, or employees of governmental agencies.
Responsibility for initiation of Public Service activities is with the
appropriate budgeted department or activity head; however, all University 
Public Service activities must be coordinated through the Office of Public 
A.  Department Funded Public Service Activity
    1.  It is anticipated that various departments/colleges will undertake
        limited Public Service programs without requiring additional Uni-
        versity resources.  The Office of Public Service must be informed in 
        advance by memo of all Public Service programs/activities planned by 
        University units if the service is made available to the general 
        public.  Workshops, seminars, conferences, and other programs of a 
        continuing education nature, conducted by a University unit for the 
        revenue generated, do not have to be reported to the Office of Public 
    2.  The department/unit planning a Public Service activity will provide the
        Office of Public Service with the following information prior to per-
        forming the service:
        a.  Descriptive title of activity.
        b.  Date(s) of activity and location.
        c.  Target segment of public to be served and estimated attendance.
        d.  Brief summary of activity.
        e.  Faculty/staff to be involved in activity.
        f.  Name of account providing funds for expenses.
        g.  Estimate of cost to the University.
        h.  Estimate of revenue generated by the activity.
    3.  The information required above may be submitted in outline or memo-
        randum format to the Director of Public Service or on the attached 
        form (Attachment I).  Additional information may be included.

B.  University Public Service Fund

    1.  Limited Public Service funds are available through the Office of
        Planning and Public Service.  Written proposals for these funds will 
        be accepted by the Office of Public Service in the early phase of 
        program planning and will be evaluated on the basis of individual 
        merit.  Departments are encouraged to apply for these funds through 
        their Dean or next higher level of supervision.  The applicant and 
        his/her supervisor will be notified in writing of the assistance 
        which will be provided by the Office of Public Service.
    2.  Faculty, staff and others with ideas, suggestions, or requests are
        encouraged to discuss their thoughts with the Office of Public Service
        prior to preparing a written proposal.  The Office of Public Service
        will work with all interested parties by providing a preliminary
        evaluation of the concept.  If possible, suggestions will be made by
        the Public Service staff to qualify the activity for Public Service
        funds or maximize utilization of University resources.
    3.  To qualify for Public Service assistance, the following criteria must
        be met:
        a.  Fit within the overall mission of the University.
        b.  Add to the quality of life of the population in the area served by
            The University of Memphis.
        c.  Be neither traditional academic instruction nor traditional
            research oriented by design.
        d.  Be in compliance with University and Board of Regents policies.
        e.  Be open or made available to segments of the general public
            (i.e., not limited to students and faculty or staff).
C.  Fiscal Procedures

    1.  The Office of Public Service will retain control of expenditures from
        the Public Service Activities Account.  Payments will be authorized 
        for only those expenses which are agreed upon in advance and are 
        handled in accordance with University Accounting Procedures.
    2.  Registration or participant fees may be charged for Public Service
        activities to help defray program costs.  Generation of revenue in
        excess of direct program costs is not an objective of Public Service
    3.  University Public Service activities may be totally supported or
        partially subsidized by the Public Service fund.  The following re-
        strictions shall apply as indicated:
        a.  Fees generated by programs totally financed by the Public Service
            fund will be retained by the University in the Public Service
            Revenue Account.
        b.  Revenues generated by programs partially supported or subsidized
            by the Public Service fund may be retained by the co-sponsoring
            unit in an amount equal to the direct cost of the program.
            Additional revenue must be used to reimburse the Public Service
            fund for payments made on behalf of the activity.  After both
            accounts have been completely reimbursed for direct program costs,
            excess revenues will be shared 50/50 by the co-sponsor and the
            Office of Public Service.



DESCRIPTIVE TITLE __________________________________________________________

PROPOSED DATE(S) AND LOCATION ______________________________________________

TARGET AUDIENCE ____________________________________________________________

ESTIMATED ATTENDANCE _______________________________________________________

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY (attach additional page if necessary) ________ 

FACULTY/STAFF ACTIVELY INVOLVED ____________________________________________


ESTIMATE OF COST TO THE UNIVERSITY $________________________________________


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS ________________________________________________________

SUBMITTED BY ____________________________________ DATE _____________________

DEPARTMENT _________________________________________________________________