SUBJECT:  Claim for Allowance for Injuries or Death of University

PROCEDURE NO.:  2A:12:03A                  DATE:   January 1, 1985

SUPERSEDES PROCEDURE NO.:  2A:12:03A       DATED:  June 17, 1982


The University of Memphis is an agency of the State, and, as such, 
is bound by the State laws governing allowances for injuries and 
death of employees received in the line of duty.  The Tennessee 
Claims Commission has been established by Tennessee Code Annotated 
Title 9, Chapter 8, Part 3, to determine all monetary claims against 
the state of Tennessee.

In addition, the Division of Claims Administration was established 
by Tennessee Code Annotated Title 9, Chapter 8, Part 4, to initially 
receive and handle claims.  The Division must investigate and make 
every effort to act upon a claim within ninety (90) days of receipt 
of the claim.  Please note that a claim is barred unless notice is 
given within one (1) year of the occurrence from which the claim 


Employees or dependents of deceased employees who desire to file
a claim for allowance for injuries or death in the line of duty
and in the course of official employment should contact the
Safety Services Office.  This office shall supply the concerned
individual with the necessary forms and directions for filing a

If desired, the Safety Services Office shall also assist the
individual in preparing the forms and securing physician's
statement, etc.; however, it shall be the individual's
responsibility for actually forwarding the claim and supportive
documents to the Division of Claims Administration.

The Safety Services Office shall be responsible for complying
with requests for reports, information or documents by the
Tennessee Claims Commission and/or Division of Claims

                      UNIVERSITY INVESTIGATION

In conjunction with the requirements and responsibilities of the
Safety Services Office under The U of M Operating Procedure No.
2D:00:l0A (Occupational Safety and Health Programs), that office
shall conduct an investigation of the claim.  Based upon the
findings of the investigations and consultation with other
appropriate University officials, the University shall make a
determination to either support the claim, oppose such claim, or
maintain a neutral position thereon.  Assistance by the Safety
Services Office in preparing claim forms, etc., shall in no way
be deemed to mean the University supports the claim as well-
founded and valid.