SUBJECT:  Utilization of The University of Memphis Alumni Center

POLICY NUMBER:  2A:06:01A                    DATE:   March 9, 2000

SUPERSEDES POLICY NUMBER:  2A:06:01A         DATED:  July 1, 1989

The University of Memphis Alumni Center houses the offices of the National
Alumni Association and Student Ambassador Board.  Center hours are from 
8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday; the building is locked at other 
times.  An entrance key must be obtained in advance for functions scheduled 
after hours.

Usage of the facilities is limited to departments and groups officially
associated with The University of Memphis.  These meetings must be for
University-related purposes.  Reciprocity agreements with other institutions 
of higher education, i.e. alumni functions, may be granted.  All rules and
regulations of The U of M and usage of the Alumni Center must be followed.


There are two meeting areas in the Alumni Center available for use by
University associated groups.  These are:

1.  Sitting Room/Dining Room.  This area has a maximum capacity of 50 persons
    for a seated meal function.  Receptions for up to 150 persons may be

2.  Upstairs lounge.  This area is generally used for meeting of 15-20
Guidelines for use of Alumni Center facilities:

1.  Use of these facilities must be scheduled at least 10 days in advance by
    calling the Alumni Center (678-2586).  Requests must be submitted through
    the Director of the National Alumni Association.  Strict adherence to the
    rules pertaining to said usage must be followed if approval is granted.
    If a scheduled meeting is cancelled, the Alumni Center must be notified.

2.  Furniture in the sitting room area should not be re-arranged without 
    prior approval; and, if approved, the furniture should be placed back in
    original order.  If dining room furniture is moved, care should be taken
    to avoid sliding tables and chairs across the wooden flooring and any
    other part of the premises.

3.  Persons making reservation for a function must be in attendance at the
    meeting and be responsible for following the guidelines.
4.  All events scheduled after hours require that a faculty/staff member be
    present and, together with the person making reservation, be responsible
    for security of the building; cutting off all overhead lights; making 
    sure the supplemental thermostat is turned off; and all doors locked 
    before leaving the building.
5.  Dancing is prohibited in the Alumni Center due to the parquet flooring.

6.  All events must be scheduled to begin between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. and
    conclude no later than 11 p.m.

7.  Food and beverages stored in the kitchen/refrigerator areas are not for
    general use.  All food used in the Center must be catered by The U of M
    food contractor.  No other caterers may be used.  However, groups may 
    provide their own refreshments in certain situations, with prior approval.
8.  Cleanup fee:

    (1)  Receptions                        (2) Seated Meals
         50 or under - $15.00                  20 or less - $20.00
         50 or 70 - $20.00                     21 to 35 - $25.00
         71 and more - $25.00                  36 to 45 - $30.00
                                               46 or more - $35.00
If a group using the Alumni Center wishes to do their own cleanup, there will
be no fee charged, but the building must be left clean; otherwise the group
will be billed for the cleanup per scale given above.

9.  The resident managers of the Alumni Center live in Rooms 200 and 202 and
    their telephone numbers are 4369 or 2758.  They can be called from outside
    phone on north wall or from phone in lobby should assistance be needed.

10. Keys to the building must be picked up by the faculty/staff sponsor
    between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and returned not later than 10 a.m. the next
    working day.

11. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Office of the
    President or his designee.
Application for use of Facilities:

An extract version of this procedure (Attachment I) will serve as application
for use of the Alumni Center.  An application must be prepared by the
requesting party and submitted to the Director of the National Alumni
Association as indicated in item 1 of the Guidelines printed above.

Violations of any rules and regulations of The University of Memphis or
guidelines for the use of the Alumni Center may prohibit future utilization 
of the Center by thae requesting group.

The Director of the National Alumni Assosiation is responsible for insuring
compliance with this procedure.
                                       Please return to:  Faye Greer    
                                       The U of M Alumni Center

                                                          Thank you!


Dates may be reserved a maximum of six weeks in advance of event date.
Return this application to Alexis Luttrell, Alumni Center, phone 678-2586, 
and fax 678-5215.

Name of Organization ____________________________________________________________________

Name of Sponsoring U of M Department______________________________________________________

Meeting Purpose ________________________________________________________________________

Event Date ________________________  

Actual Event Hours (from-to) ____________________________

Event Type: 
___ Seated Meal  (48 capacity) ____ Reception (60 capacity)  ___ Meeting

Will a participation fee be charged? ___ yes ___no

Number of guests expected _______  

Is food to be served? ___ yes ___ no

If food is to be served, please adhere to guidelines as stated on the following 
page and complete the following:

Check one:  ____  Prepackaged snacks and beverages only
            ____  Catered by The U of M Food Services
                  (Applicant must make food arrangements directly with 
			U of M Food Services)
            ____  "Application to Bring Food on Campus" form submitted
                  (Required for all served meals not catered by U of M Food Services, 
			including potluck meals.)

Exact type (s) of food to be served: _______________________________________________________

Who is responsible for clean up: ___ U of M Food Services  ___ Applicant
                                                          (paper service and prepackaged food only)

Special equipment requested:  ___ Coffee Maker

I HAVE READ, understand and agree to comply with the Alumni Center usage guidelines. 
No Alumni Center staff on duty after hours; therefore, I assume full responsibility for the Alumni
Center and its contents.  I assume responsibility for locking all entry doors upon departure.  A 
$75 fee will be charged to all groups who use Alumni Center dishes, silverware, glasses or 
supplies, who fail to leave the meeting space clean, or who fail to return furniture to its proper 

Contact Name: _________________________________________________  phone __________________
Person who is responsible for arranging tables and chairs before and after event.

U of M employee: _____________________________________________  campus phone _____________
Person who will be present during the entire event.  This person is responsible for locking 
ALL entry doors after office hours.

Usage Form ___ approved  ___ rejected                                    

Food Form ___ approved ___ rejected

Facility Coordinator __________________________________________ date________________

Associate Vice President ______________________________________ date ________________

Usage Guidelines for The University of Memphis Alumni Association Facilities

Application and Key Pickup

1.	Usage of the Alumni Center is limited to departments and groups officially associated 
with The University of Memphis.  These meetings must be for university-related purposes.  
All rules and regulations of the university apply to the usage of the center.  A 
university-employed individual (advisor for student groups) must be in attendance before 
and throughout the meeting. This individual is responsible for enforcing these guidelines
and making sure that lights are off and all doors are locked before leaving the building 
after office hours.

2.	To gain entrance to the building for events scheduled after office hours, a key must
be picked up before the event during regular office hours, 8am  5:00pm Monday through 
Friday. Keys must be returned to an Alumni Center staff member during regular office hours. 
No Exceptions.

Food Services and Room Set-up/Clean-up Responsibility

1.	No alcohol is allowed on the premises.  Dancing is prohibited.  Burning of candles is 
prohibited. Confetti is prohibited.  All event activities must be restricted to the meeting
space. The office area in the Alumni Center Lobby is not to be used for any reason.  
Additionally, during clean-up, public restrooms should be checked.

2.	The applicant is responsible for arranging tables and chairs prior to the event.  All
furniture that is moved must be replaced before leaving the building or a $75 fee will be 
assessed.  The sitting room furniture may not be rearranged for any reason.  Care must be 
taken with the parquet flooring.  Window draperies may not be closed.

3.	All food served in the alumni Center must be catered through the U of M Food Services
unless otherwise approved.  A separate application, available at the Alumni Center, is required
to serve outside food.  This form must be completed and returned to the Alumni Center at least
SEVEN BUSINESS DAYS prior to the event.  Prepackaged food and beverages may be served without 
special approval.

4.	Groups may do their own clean up only if all paper service is used.  Garbage must be
deposited in the dumpster outside the kitchen door.  The building must be left clean or a 
$75 fee will be assessed.  All other applicants must make arrangements for clean up through 
Food Services at the time the meal is ordered.  The clean-up fee for all events is $50 Monday 
through Friday during the hours of 8:00am-3:00pm.  A clean-up fee will be charged by Food 
Services for clean-ups outside of those times and must be negotiated directly with Food 
Services.  Food Services cleanup fees will not be the same as the fees stated by the Alumni 

5.	Food, beverages and supplies stored in the kitchen and refrigerator are NOT for general 
use.  If the coffee maker is used, you must provide your own coffee, filters, stirrers, creamer 
and sugar, and paper cups.  There are 48 chairs available in our dining/sitting room.  The 
Alumni Center does not provide extra chairs, dishes, silverware, paper goods, extension cords, 
screens, tape players, overhead projectors or other equipment.

We are committed to providing a clean, attractive environment for all Alumni Center guests.  We 
want to encourage appropriate and frequent use of the facilities.  Nonetheless, these guidelines 
must be strictly adhered to.  Failure to do so may result in additional fee assessment and possible 
loss of building privilege.

(Rev. 2/16/00)