PROCEDURE NO.:  2A:04:02A              DATE:   August 16, 1992

SUPERSEDES:  2A:04:02A                 DATED:  June, 1992

                        GENERAL PROCEDURE
1.  Scheduling the use of the HPER Complex facilities and areas is the re-
    sponsibility of the HPER Department.  The HPER Scheduling Office (HSO) 
    coordinates space requests and facilitates utilization of the facilities 
    and areas.
2.  In meeting this responsibility, the HSO will schedule programs and events 
    in designated areas according to the following priorities:
         a. HPER Department academic programs (credit classes and special
         class related events).
         b. Athletic Department NCAA competitive teams (practice and
         competition). [includes cheer, pom and band practice]
         c. HPER Department Intramural & Recreational Services programs
         and activities. [includes club sport programs and activities]
         d. Continuing Education short courses and programs.
         e. All other University User Groups. (Equal access on a first-come,
         first-served scheduling basis)
         f. Off-campus users, even if using conference space.
         Activities or events approved by the President shall constitute the 
         only exception to the aforestated priorities.
         No interruption or deletion of a scheduled function may occur with-
         out the approval of the individual originally scheduling the facil-
3.  The Complex is normally open for academic, recreational and other use 
    during time periods established by the Chair of the HPER Department. 
    Current hours of operation will be posted in the appropriate facilities.
    Individual area and building time schedules may vary and overall hours 
    may vary periodically based on University requirements or utilization 
    The complex shall be closed on designated University holidays unless 
    otherwise posted.

    The designated supervisor on duty may terminate Complex recreationl activ-
    ities without advance notice when considered in the best interest of the 
4.  There will be no unsupervised activity in the Complex.  Free play activ-
    ities are prohibited in all areas during time periods reserved for sched-
    uled classes, functions or activities; and in all areas where participant 
    safety precautions must be enforced.  ( i.e., swimming, gymnastics, etc.) 
    Unscheduled and/or unauthorized users may be escorted from the HPER Com-
    plex and treated as trespassers.
5.  The University does not assume responsibility for loss of personal prop-
    erty in the Complex.

6.  The HPER Department will attempt to prevent accidents and injuries.  How-
    ever, the University assumes no responsibility for injuries received in 
    any program or activity scheduled in the Complex.  Thus, students and non-
    students alike are responsible for their own health and safety while par-
    ticipating and using areas and facilities in the Complex.
7.  Smoking, drinking, or eating is prohibited except in designated areas of 
    the Complex.  Malicious damage to, or careless use of the Complex facil-
    ities or equipment and/or inappropriate behavior may lead to expulsion 
    from the facility or area and future use privilege may be denied.  Resti-
    tution in full is required for lost, stolen, or damaged University prop-
    erty or equipment.  Appropriate dress for activity is required.
8.  Appropriate user fees will be charged individuals using designated areas 
    or facilities in the Complex.  Appropriate rental fees will be charged 
    individuals using designated equipment in the Complex.
9.  Recreational use of the Complex shall be afforded to those individuals 
    who are directly associated with the University and show evidence of this 
    association and/or pay appropriate user fees. (See Recreational User-Fee 

10. Full-time students are afforded free access and use of all scheduled 
    Complex recreation programs and facilities upon presentation of their 
    valid U of M  I.D. card. (Exception to this procedure may include certain 

11. All students who are enrolled in at least six (6) hours or more of credit 
    courses at The U of M are considered to be full-time students for the 
    purpose of these procedures.

12. Full-time faculty and staff shall be afforded access and use of all 
    scheduled Complex recreation programs and facilities upon presentation of 
    a valid Faculty-Staff I.D. Card reflecting a paid Recreation Membership. 
    Full-time faculty and staff without a membership may use these facilities 
    upon presentation of a valid U of M  I. D. card and payment of appropriate 
    fees.  Contract personnel (i.e., ROTC Staff and Food Servsres, etc.) shall 
    be afforded the privileges stated above. (See Recreation User-Fee Sched-
13. Part-time faculty and staff may use the facility upon presentation of a 
    valid U of M  I. D. card and payment of the appropriate user fee.

14. Full-time students, faculty and staff may purchase a Recreation Family 
    Membership for members of their immediate family. (See User-Fee Sched-
    ule.).  The eligible family member shall be defined as a spouse and/or 
    dependent children under the age of 21 residing in the household.  Each 
    family member between the ages of 12 and 21 will be issued an Associate
    Membership I.D. Card.
15. Each individual fourteen years or older having recreation use privileges 
    may act as a sponsor of a guest. (See Guest Regulations.).

16. Full-time students enrolled in immediate past spring semester but not 
    enrolled in a summer semester, shall be afforded access and use of all 
    scheduled Complex recreation programs and facilities upon presentation of 
    their I.D. card reflecting payment of Summer Recreation user fees.  The 
    summer recreation user fees may be paid in the Bursar's Office.  (See 
    Recreation User-Fee Schedule.).
17. Utilization of the Facilities by special guests of the University is 
    authorized when approved by the President of the University or the Vice 
    President or Provost of the department sponsoring the guest.  Approval of 
    guest privileges (no charge) should normally be limited to out-of-town
    guests.  A special I.D. card to identify these guests must be presented 
    prior to use of the facilities.  These cards are available in the Bursar's 
18. The Tennis courts are the only facility which may be used by the general 
    public.  Upon payment of the proper fee (See User-Fee Schedule.) persons 
    seventeen years of age and older may use the courts if they are not in use 
    and have not been reserved.  The general public does not have the privi-
    lege of reserving tennis courts.

                         GUEST REGULATIONS
1.  Each guest must be accompanied by his or her sponsor.

    Sponsor is defined as an individual having Complex recreation use privi-
    leges as shown in General procedures above, items 9 through 18.
2.  The number of guests will be normally limited to one person for all ac-
    tivities.  The University reserves the right to increase or decrease the 
    number of guests when in the best interest of all concerned.
3.  Guests must pay appropriate Recreation User Fees.  University guests who 
    are approved with no charge by designated University officials are an 
    exception to the aforementioned Procedure.
4.  Only one handball-racquetball court or one tennis court may be in use at 
    any time by a sponsor and/or his/her family and/or guests.

5.  Guest tickets for current use may be purchased in the Physical Education 
    Building and/or Field House when these facilities are open for recreation. 
    It should be noted that the tennis courts may be open at times when the 
    buildings are closed.  At these times, guest tickets will be available 
    from the court attendant on duty.
6.  Faculty and guest are required to present proper identification while 
    using the facility.  The guest will be required to leave the facility 
    either before or with the sponsor.

1.  The HPER Department will provide an office for HPER Complex scheduling - 
    The HPER Scheduling Office (HSO).

2.  All users of the areas and facilities of the HPER Complex shall request 
    space scheduling through the HSO.

3.  All space will be scheduled in priority order.  Priority scheduling will 
    follow the University's academic scheduling time-table.  The HSO will be 
    responsible for sending notification of the scheduling time-table to all 
    concerned groups.  Failure to comply with scheduling deadlines may result 
    in loss of priority.

4.  The HSO will coordinate the scheduling priority system and has the author-
    ity to resolve conflicts.

5.  The HSO will process HPER Complex space requests from non-student user 
    groups. (University Procedure 2A:04:03A)

6.  The HSO will process HPER Complex space requests from recognized Universi-
    ty Student Organizations. (University Procedure 2A:04:03A)

7.  The HSO will process Fieldhouse space requests from recognized University 
    Student Organizations. (University Procedure 2E:12:06G)



    Classification      Privilege                  Fee
    --------------      ---------                  ---
A.  Full-time           All programs & facilities  Free
B.  Part-time           All programs & facilities  $3.00 per use period

C.  Family Membership   All programs & facilities  $15 per semester per family

D.  Special summer      All programs & facilities  $45 per summer or $3.00
                                                   per use period

E.  Withdrawn student*  All programs & facilities  $3.00 per use period#

F.  Registered contin-
    uing Education
    students and/or     Designated programs &
    conferees           facilities                 $3.00 per use period

    *Effective only during balance of semester of withdrawal.
    #Contingent upon time of withdrawal and extent of refund.


    Classification      Privilege                  Fee
    --------------      ---------                  ---

A.  Full-time           All programs & facilities  $40 per year
                                                   (Sept. 1 - Aug. 31)
                                                   or $3.00 per use period.
B.  Family membership#  All programs & facilities  $75 per family per year
                                                   (Sept. 1 - Aug. 31)
                                                   or $3.00 per family member
                                                   per use period

C.  Part-time           All programs & facilities  $3.00 per use period plus
                                                   $3.00 for family member
                                                   per use period
    #New faculty/staff appointments to The University of Memphis after March 
    1 are afforded the privilege of purchasing a faculty or family membership 
    at half price.  Faculty/staff members requesting Associate Membership 
    I. D. Cards for dependent children 12 years or older must show proof of 
    dependent's age.


    Classification      Privilege                  Fee
    --------------      ---------                  ---

A.  Student Guest       All programs & facilities  $5 per period any activity
    (Part-time &                                   or two hours per person
    Full-time)                                     tennis
B.  Student guest       All programs & facilities  $5 per period any activity
    (special summer)                               or two hours per person

C.  Faculty and/or      All programs & facilities  $5 per period any activity
    staff guests                                   or two hours per person

D.  Family associate    All programs & facilities  $5 per period any activity
    member's guest                                 or two hours per person

E.  Special guest       Designated programs &      $5 per period any activity
                        facilities                 or two hours per person
F.  General public      Tennis courts only         $7 per person per court
                                                   two hours maximum


    Lost cards may be replaced upon payment of a $10.00 replacement fee. 
    Damaged cards may be replaced at no charge, provided the damaged card is 
    returned to Bursar's Office.

    Non-University groups using Complex facilities for special events must 
    pay Complex use fees based on the area and type of event held.  See Use 
    of University property and Facilities for Non-Credit Activities Policy 
    #1:2A:04:03, Procedure #2A:04:03A.