SUBJECT:  Equal Educational Opportunity

POLICY NO.:  1:2A:11:02                  DATE:  December l, 1974

SUPERSEDES POLICY NO.:                   DATED:

The University of Memphis offers equal educational opportunity
to all persons without regard to race, sex, religion, age, color,
handicap, veteran status, or national origin.

     This policy applies in all matters, including:
         . Admission and education of students.
         . Availability of student loans, grants,
              scholarships and job opportunities.
         . Employment and promotion of teaching
              and non-teaching personnel.
         . Student and faculty housing situated on
              premises owned or occupied by the
          . Off-campus housing not owned by the Uni-
              versity but listed with the University
              for referral purposes.
          . Activities conducted on premises owned or
              occupied by the University.

This policy statement shall be present in all pertinent university
publications including the university's catalogue, the student
handbook, the graduate school bulletin and the faculty handbook.

Each vice provost/president of the University will assume the re-
sponsibility for developing procedures that will insure that
this policy is adhered to in the area of administration for
which they have a responsibility.