SUBJECT:  Utilization of The University of Memphis Alumni Center

POLICY NUMBER:  1:2A:06:01                      DATE:   February 24, 2000

SUPERSEDES POLICY NUMBER:  1:2A:06:01           DATED:  July 1, 1989

The University of Memphis Alumni Center located at Normal and
Spottswood houses the office of the National Alumni Association and
the Student Ambassador Board.

Usage of the facilities is limited to departments and groups
officially associated with The University of Memphis.  These
meetings or activities must be for University-related purposes.
Reciprocity agreements with other institutions of higher education,
particularly for alumni functions, may be granted.

The Associate Vice President for Alumni and Development is responsible for
establishing rules, regulations and procedures pertaining to usage
of the Alumni Center.  These regulations are in The University of
Memphis Procedure No. 2A:06:01A.