• University of Memphis
    • Provost Office
      Exec VP Acad Aff and Provost (001083)
      David Russomanno

      • College of Health Sciences
        Dean College Health Sciences (020515)
        Richard Bloomer
      • Enrollment Management
        VP Enrollment Management (024063)
        Anthony Bourne
      • VP Student Affairs
        Vice President Student Affairs (024097)
        Melinda Carlson
      • University Libraries
        Assoc Dean Exec Director (002365)
        Gerald Chaudron
      • Inst Effectiveness and Research
        Sr Assoc Vice Provost Inst Eff (020598)
        Colton Cockrum
      • Provost Office
        Asst Provost Acad Affairs (024079)
        V Danehower
      • Provost Office
        Dir Acad Affairs Finance (012539)
        Cassandra Dinwiddie
      • College of Business Economics
        Dean Business and Economics (003483)
        Robert Garrett
      • Loewenberg College of Nursing
        Dean of Nursing (001695)
        Linda Haddad
      • Provost Office
        Provost Fellow (L16927)
        Kantaylieniere Hill-Clarke
      • School of Comm Sci and Disorders
        Dean Sch Comm Sci and Disord (006258)
        Linda Jarmulowicz
      • Provost Office
        Dir Acad Affairs Admin (001167)
        Helen Johnson
      • School of Public Health
        Dean School of Public Health (016079)
        Ashish Joshi
      • Office of International Affairs
        VP International Affairs (022913)
        Balaji Krishnan
      • Commencement
        Dir Com and Acad Spec Evts (002744)
        Vanessa Muldrow
      • College of Engineering
        Dean Engineering (002089)
        Okenwa Okoli
      • School Hospitality and Resort Mgmt
        Dean KW School Hospitality (020519)
        Radesh Palakurthi
      • Educational Initiatives
        Assoc VP for Edu Initiatives (020902)
        Sally Parish
      • College of Arts and Sciences
        Dean Arts and Sciences (001188)
        Abby Parrill-Baker
      • School of Law
        Dean School of Law (003639)
        James Strickland
      • Graduate Programs
        Vice Provost Dean Grad School (003604)
        Deborah Tollefsen
      • International Programs
        Exec Dir Int Educ Services (002187)
        Rebecca Van Dyck-Laumann
      • Student Academic Success
        VP Student Academic Success (003627)
        Karen Weddle-West
      • College of Prof & Liberal Studies
        Exec Dean UM Global Acad Innov (003397)
      • College of Communication Fine Arts
        Dean Communication Fine Arts (002425)
      • Provost Office
        Sr VP Faculty Affairs Lead Dev (024160)
      • Lambuth
        Dean Lambuth Campus (016827)
      • College of Education
        Dean Education (002883)