B.S. Mathematics Carnegie Mellon University 1963
M.S. Mathematics Carnegie Mellon University 1964
Ph. D. Mathematics Carnegie Mellon University 1967

Member Mathematics Institute of Advanced Study 1967-1968
Assistant Professor Mathematics Tulane University 1968-1971
Associate Professor Mathematics Tulane University 1971-1975
Professor Mathematics Tulane University 1975-1991
Department Chair Mathematics Tulane University 1977-1980
Visiting Professor Mathematics University of Brasilia Federal University of Rio de Janeiro 1975
Visiting Professor Mathematics Westfield College, University of London 1980-1981
Visiting Professor (Short Term Visits) Mathematics Stanford University 1971
Visiting Professor (Short Term Visits) Mathematics Carnegie Mellon 1976
Visiting Professor (Short Term Visits) Mathematics Padova 1981
Visiting Professor (Short Term Visits) Mathematics Graz 1983 & 1985
Visiting Professor (Short Term Visits) Mathematics Tübingen 1988, 2004, 2006
Visiting Professor (Short Term Visits) Mathematics Strathclyde 1990
Visiting Professor (Short Term Visits) Mathematics Bologna 1994, 1997 - 2000, 2002 - 2003
Visiting Professor (Short Term Visits) Mathematics Bari 1996 – 2000, 2002-2008
Visiting Professor (Short Term Visit) Mathematics Ulm 2005
Research Professor Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley 1990 - 1991
Professor Mathematics Louisiana State University 1991 - 1996
Professor Mathematical Sciences University of Memphis 1996
Department Chair Mathematical Sciences University of Memphis 1996 - 1999
Dunavant Professor Mathematical Sciences University of Memphis 2004 - 2007
Visiting Professor   Salerno 2007-2008
Visiting Professor   LNCC (Petropolis, RJ, Brazil) 2008

Second Annual Faculty Research Award Tulane Chapter of the Society of Sigma Xi 1971
Sapientiae Mundanae Doctor (Doctor of Worldly Wisdom) Honorary degree from the International Boswell Society, presented at Loyola University 1973
First Excellence in Research Award Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Tulane University 1985
"Distinguished Lectures" and series of such Various  
University of Memphis Alumni Association 2002 Distinguished Research Award University of Memphis 2002
Dunavant Professorship University of Memphis 2004 - 2007
Willard R. Sparks Eminent Faculty Award University of Memphis 2006

I have taught almost all undergraduate and graduate courses in mathematics and statistics offered at Tulane University during 1968-1991. Tulane University

Doctoral Naima Naheed* Teddy Clarke *Co-advised with G.R. Goldstein 2008 2006

Books Published

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        10.      Coeditor of:  Applied Analysis, Contemporary Mathematics, Vol. 221, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI, (1998) (with J.R. Dorroh, G.R. Goldstein, and M.M. Tom.


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        9.     Various other books reviewed in Zbl. Math. and Math. Reviews.

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Presentations - Conference (refereed *)

        1.     Symposium on Nonlinear Semigroups and Evolution Equations, University of Kentucky, 1969.

        2.     First Annual Miniconference, Univ. Southwestern La., 1970 (1 hour lecture).

        3.     International Colloquium on Analysis, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, 1972 (30 minute talk).

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        5.     Fourth Annual Miniconference, University of Southwestern La., 1973, (1 hour talk).

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        7.     NSF Conference on Improperly Posed Problems, University of New Mexico, 1973 (30 minute talk).

        8.     Seminário Brasileiro de Análise (Primeira Sessão), IMPA, Rio De Janeiro, 1975 (1 hour talk).

        9.     10º Colloquio Brasileiro de Matemética, Pocos de Caldas, 1975 (1 hour talk).

        10.   Conference on Differential Equations and Control Theory, Univ. of Oklahoma, 1977 (20 minute talk).

        11.   Conference on Nonlinear Equations in Abstract Spaces, Univ. of Texas at Arlington, 1977 (45 minute talk).

        12.   Amer. Math. Soc. Annual meeting, Atlanta, 1978 (20 minute talk in Special Session  on Ill-Posed Problems).

        13.   Conference on Math. Models in Science, Pittsburgh, 1978 (45 minute talk).

        14.   Gave one of the three invited hour addresses at the 39th annual meeting of the Southwestern Section of the MAA, El                           Paso, Texas, April, 1979.

        15.   Loyola Conference on quantum theory and gravitation, May, 1979 (30 minute talk).

        16.   NSF Conference on experiential applied mathematics education at the Claremont College, May-June, 1979 (20 minute                         talk).

        17.   Conference honoring Einar Hille, Labuna Beach, 1980 (45 minute talk).

        18.   International Conference on Nonlinear Phenomena in Mathematical Sciences, University of Texas at Arlington, June                           1980 (45 minute talk).

        19.   Conference on Stochastic Processes and Analysis, Tübingen, Germany, 1981 (40 minute talk).

        20.   Conference on Nonlinear Differential Equations, Schloss Retzhof, Leibniz, Austria (Sponsored by Univ. of Graz), 1981 (1                  hour talk).

        21.   5th International Conference on Nonlinear Differential Equations, Univ. of Texas at Arlington, 1982 (30 minute talk).

        22.   Conference honoring Ralph Phillips, Stanford, 1982 (1 hour seminar).

        23.   Amer. Math. Soc. Meeting, Baton Rouge, La., 1982 (20 minute talk in Special Session in PDE).

        24.   NCTM meeting, New Orleans, 1982 (1 hour talk).

        25.   Amer. Math. Soc. Annual Meeting, Denver, 1983 (20 minute talk in Special Session in Monotonicity Methods).

        26.   International Conference at Univ. of Alabama in Birmingham, 1983 (30 minute talk).

        27.   International Conference on Semigroups at Schloss Retzhof, Leibniz, Austria, (sponsored by Univ. Graz) 1983 (1 hour                         talk).

        28.   Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics in Como, Italy, 1983.

        29.   AMS regional meeting, special session, Evanston, 1983 (20 minute talk).

        30.   AMS regional meeting, special session, Louisville, January 1984 (20 minute talk).  I was one of the six members                                                   participating in a two hour public panel presentation on discrete mathematics in the first two years of the college                                               curriculum.  The panel is sponsored by the MAA and the Sloan Foundation.

        31.   AMS-SIAM Summer Seminar in applied Mathematics (Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations), Santa Fe, July-August,                      1984 (40 minute talk).

        32.   International Conference on integrodifferential Evolution Equations, Trent, Italy, September 1984 (45 minute talk).

        33.   International Conference on Semigroups of Operators, International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Tieste, Italy,                                                  December 1984 (30 minute talk).

        34.   AMS/MAA National Meeting, Anaheim, CA, January 1985 (2 hour panel discussion).

        35.   MAA regional meeting, Biloxi, MS (chaired a 1 hour panel discussion).

        36.   Conference on Aspects of Positivity in Functional Analysis, Tübingen, Germany, June 1985 (1 hour talk).

        37.   Conference on Differential Equations in Abstract Spaces, Bologna, Italy, July 1985 (1 hour talk).

        38.   Conference on Analysis, Howard University, Washington, D.C., August 1985 (1 hour talk).

        39.   Southeastern-Atlantic Regional Conference on Differential Equations, Georgia Tech., October 1985 (1 hour talk).

        40.   AMS National Meeting, New Orleans, January 1986 (two 20 minute talks in the special sessions on positivity and on                        boundary value problems).

        41.   International Conference on Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics, UAB Birmingham, AL, March 1986 (30                         minute talk).

        42.   MAA regional meeting, Arkansas college, April 1986 (1 hour talk).

        43.   MAA regional meeting, Pittsburgh State Univ. (KS), April 1986 (1 hour talk).

        44.   Conference on Partial Differential Equations and Applied Mathematics, Oakland U., Rochester, MI, May 1986 (1 hour                         talk).

        45.   7th International Conference on Nonlinear Differential Equations, Univ. of Texas at Arlington, July 1986 (30 minute                               talk).

        46.   M.S.R.I. Symposium of Nonlinear Diffusion, Berkeley, CA., September 1986.

        47.   MAA regional meeting, Arkansas College, March 1986 (one hour lecture).

        48.   MAA regional meeting, Pittsburgh State Univ. (KS), April 1986 (one hour lecture).

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        51.   “Volterra Equations in Banach Spaces and Applications”, Trento (Italy), February 1987 (45 minute lecture).

        52.   Conference on “Calculus Reform”, St. Petersburg Junior College (FL), February 1987 (one of four invited speakers and                        panelists).

        53.   “Mathematical and Interpretational Problems in Relativistic quantum Theory”, Loyola Univ., New Orleans, May 1987.

        54.   Second Howard Conference on Nonlinear PDE, etc., Howard University, Washington, D.C., August 1987 (1 hour lecture).

        55.   Trends in Semigroup Theory and Applications, Triese (Italy), September 1987 (one hour lecture).

        56.   Combined Midwest-Southeast D.E. Conference, Vanderbilt U., Nashville, October 1987 (25 minutes invited talk in                                 Special Session).

        57.   Semigroups and Differential Operators, Oberwolfach (Germany), January 1988 (co-organizer).

        58.   La.-Miss Section Meeting (MAA), Northwestern LA State U., Natchitoches, February 1988 (invited panelist).

        59.   International Conference on Differential Equations, Columbus, Ohio, March 1988 (30 minute talk).

        60.   Nineteenth USL Conference, Lafayette, LA, October, 1988 (60 minute talk).

        61.   Southeast D.E. Conference, U. of Georgia, Athens, November 1988 (30 minute talk).

        62.   NSF Conference on Nonlinear Wave Equations, Fairfax, VA, January 1989.

        63.   Conference on Evolution Equations, Oberwolfach, Germany, May 1989 (1 hour invited talk).

        64.   International Conference on Differential Equations and applications, Retzhof, Austria, June 1989 (co-organizer, with F.                        Kappel and W. Schappacher).

        65.   4th Annual KIT Mathematics Workshop, Taejon, Korea, August 1989 (principal invited speaker, 3 one-hour talks).

        66.   Semigroups and Applications (Clement, et al), Delft, Holland, September 1989 (1 hour lecture.

        67.   Southeastern Atlantic Conference on Differential Equations, Charlotte, NC, October 1989 (20 minute lecture).

        68.   Tübingen Workshop on Semigroups and Evolution Equations, Blaubeuren, Germany, October, November, 1989 (5 80-                       minute lectures, one of two principal lecturers).

        69.   AMS-MAA annual meetings, Louisville, KY, January 1990 (20 minute invited talk in Special Session on Schrödinger                           Operators, plus various committee meetings).

        70.   23rd Annual Voronezh Winter School in Mathematics, Voronezh, USSR, January 1990 ( 3 one-hour talks, one of four                          principal invited lecturers from the west, the only American).  I also spent one day in Moscow as a guest of V.V. Sazonov                of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, Steklov Institute.

        71.   AAAS Annual Meeting, New Orleans, February 1990 (1 hour lecture).

        72.   Eleventh Dundee Conference on Differential Equations, Dundee, Scotland, July 1990 (30 minute talk).

        73.   11th Dundee Conference on Differential Equations (Dundee, Scotland), July (30 minute lecture).

        74.   NSF sponsored Calculus Conference, San Antonio, Texas, October 1990 (20 minute lecture).

        75.   10th Annual Western States Math Physics Conference, Caltech, February 1991 (50 minute lecture).

        76.   AMS meeting, Special Session, Tampa, Florida, March 1991 (20 minute lecture).

        77.   Conference in Honor of Tosio Kato, Berkeley, CA, May 1991 (Co-organizer with M.G. Crandall and L.C. Evans).

        78.   International Conference on Differential Equations in Banach Spaces, Bologna, Italy, July 1991 (45 minute lecture).

        79.   International Workshop on Evolution Equations, Mathematical Biology and Control Theory, Han-Sur-Lesse, Belgium,                        October 1991 (40 minute lecture).

        80.   Southeast Atlantic Conference on Differential Equations, Mississippi State, Mississippi, October 1991 (20 minute                                lecture).

        81.   Conference on semigroups of Operators, Curaçao (Co-organizer and Co-principal lecturer, with G.R. Goldstein) (3 one                         hour lectures).

        82.   Southeast Atlantic Differential Equations Conference, Lexington, KY, November 1992 (20 minute lecture).

        83.   International Conference on Evolution Equations, LSU, Baton Rouge, LA, January 1993 (Co-organizer with J.R. Dorroh,                      G. Ferreyra, G.R. Goldstein and F. Neubrander).

        84.   Conference on Evolution  Equations and Control Theory, Luminy, France, March 1993 (1 hour lecture).

        85.   Conference on Differential Equations, Athens, Ohio, August 1993 (Co-organizer of Special Session on quantum Theory                     with G.R. Goldstein).

        86.   SEARCDE, Wilmington, NC, November 1993 (20 minute lecture).

        87.   Conference on Mathematical Physics, Schrödinger Institute, Vienna, Austria, December 1993 (35 minute lecture).

        88.   4th International Workshop and Miniconference on Operator Theory and Evolution Equations, LSU, March 1994 (1 hour                    lecture).

        89.   Conference on Evolution Equations, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, July 1994 (60 minute lecture                                                    designated as the “Edinburgh Mathematical Society Lecture”).

        90.   Conference on Evolution Equations and Semigroups, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy, September 1994 (50 minute                       lecture).

        91.   Distinguished Lecture Series, University of Southwestern Louisiana, October 1994 (4 one hour lectures).

        92.   Conference in honor of M.M. Rao, University of California, Riverside, November 1994 (50 minute lecture).

        93.   Special Session on Monotone Operator Theory, AMS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, January 1995 (20 minute talk).

        94.   Texas PDE Conference, Rice University, April 1995 (20 minute talk).

        95.   Conference on Nonlinear Parabolic Problems, Levico Terme, Italy June 1995 (one hour lecture).

        96.   Conference on Functional Analysis and PDE, Oberwolfach, Germany, January 1996 (50 minute lecture).

            97.   AMS meeting, Columbia, MO (20 minute Special Session Talk), October 1996       

98.          NCTM meeting, Memphis, October 1997, (1 hour lecture)

99.   Southeastern Atlantic - Midwest DE Conference Vanderbilt University, November 1997 (Plenary 1 hour lecture)

        100. Regional Conference, University of Louisville, March 1998 (20 minute talk in a Special Session)

        101. PDE Conference in Honor of Olga Ladyzenskaya, Iowa State University, August 1998 (50 minute plenary lecture)

        102. Mathematical Geosciences Summer School, Stanford University, August 1998

        103. International Conference on Evolution Equations, Bad Herrenberg, Germany, September 1998, (50 minute plenary lecture)

        104. Co-organized Differential Equations Weekend, University of Memphis, April 1998

        105. PDE Conference at Iowa State University, August 1998 (1 hour plenary lecture)

106. Mathematical Geosciences Summer School, Stanford University, August 1998, August 1999, August 2000

107. Evolution Equations Conference, Bad Herrenalb,Karlsruhe, Germany, September 1998 (1 hour plenary lecture)

108. Differential Equations and Computation Conference, Mississippi State University, May 1999, (20 minute talk)

109. Qualitative Properties of Semigroups, Academy of Sciences, Rome, Italy, June 1999 (1 hour plenary lecture)

110. Wabash Analysis Conference, IUPUI, Indianapolis, Indiana, October 1999 (1 hour plenary lecture)

111. Co-organized Differential Equation Weekend, University of Memphis, November 1999

112. Partial Differential Equations Conference at University of Memphis, March 2000

113. Functional Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, Oberwolfach, Germany, March 2000 (30 minute talk)

114.   Analysis Conference, Ohio University, May 2000  (1 hour lecture)

115.   Evolution Equations, Bologna, Italy, July 2000 (45 minute lecture)

116.  Conference in honor of Tony Zettl, Northern Illinois University, September 2000 (30 minute lecture)

117.   AMS meeting, Birmingham, AL, November 2000, special sessions (two 20 minute talks)

118.    Fifth Mississippi State Conference on Differential Equations and Computational Simulations, May 2001 (1 hour plenary address)

119.    Conference honoring the 60th birthdays of Philippe Benilan, Jerome A. Goldstein, and Rainer Nagel, Blaubeuren, Germany, June 2001.

120.       Biomathematics Institute Retreat, Vanderbilt University, September 2001. 

121.       Conference honoring the retirement of J. Robert Dorroh, LSU, February 2002 (1 hour lecture).

122.       Conference on Spectral Theory and Mathematical Physics, UAB, March 2002.

123.       Conference on Harmonic Analysis and Differential Equations, Isola di Tremiti (Italy), June 2002 (1 hour lecture).

124.       Functional Analysis and Applications (in memory of Ioana Cioranescu), University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, PR, August 2003 (1 hour opening plenary lecture).

125.       Differential Equations Weekend, Mississippi State University, February 2004.

126.       International Conference on Direct and Inverse Problems, Cortona, Italy, June 2004 (45 minute plenary lecture).

127.       Conference in Honor of John Neuberger’s 70th Birthday, University of North Texas, October 2004 (25 minute lecture).

128.       International Conference on Direct and Inverse Problems, Cortona, Italy, June 2005 (45 minute opening plenary lecture).

129.       TULKA Meeting, Ulm, Germany, July 2005 (1 hour opening plenary lecture).

130.       Conference in honor of Donato Fortunato’s 60th birthday, Otranto, Italy, June 2006.

131.       AIMS Conference, Poitiers, France (2 25 minute special session talks plus coorganized a separate special session with G. R. Goldstein), June 2006.

132.       Conference honoring Ulf Schlotterbeck’s retirement, Tuebingen, Germany (opening plenary 1 hour lecture), July 2006.

133.       Differential Equations Weekend (coorganized with H. Chen, G. R. Goldstein and T. Hagen), University of Memphis, April 2006.

134.       Annual meeting of the Mexican Mathematical Society, Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico (I wasone of two people invited by the Amnerican Mathematical Society to give an hour address  on behalkf of the AMS.), October 2006.

135.       AMS / MAA annual meetings, New Orleans (20 minute talk in special session honoring H. H. Kuo), January  2007.

Other Conferences  

        1.     Rocky Mountain Math. Consortium (and NSF) Seminar on Scattering Theory, Northern Arizona University, 1969.

        2.     C.I.M.E. Symposium on Nonlinear Functional Analysis, Varenna, Italy, 1970.

        3.     International Congress of Mathematicians, Nice, France, 1970.

        4.     Amer. Math. Soc. Symposium on Partial Differential Equations, University of California, Berkeley, 1971.

        5.     NSF Conference on Partial Differential Equations, Texas Tech Univ., 1972.

        6.     NSF Conference on Nonlinear Diffusion, Univ. of Houston, 1976.

        7.     Conference on Nonlinear Evolution Equations, Univ. of Wisconsin, 1977.

        8.     Prime 80, MAA and Sloan Foundation Conference on Mathematics Education in the eighties, Alexandria, VA, 1978.

        9.     NSF Conference on Spectral and Scattering Theory, Salt lake City, 1978.

        10.   NSF Conference on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Fort Collins, Colorado, 1978.

        11.   NSF regional conference on population processes, Missoula, Montana, June 1979.

        12.   British Mathematical Colloquium, Oxford, 1981.            

        13.   NSF Conference on Bifurcation and Symmetry Breaking, Gainesville, FL, 1981.

        14.   Fifteenth Anniversary Conference, Courant Institute, New York, October 1985.

        15.   M.S.R.I. Symposium on Nonlinear Diffusion, Berkeley (CA), September 1986.

        16.   Annual AMS-MAA meeting, San Antonio (TX), January 1987.

        17.   NSF regional conference on Nonlinear Diffusive Waves, Snowbird, Utah, May 1987.

        18.   National Colloquium on Calculus, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C. October 1987.

        19.   Fourth International Conference on Control Distributed Parameter Systems, Vorau, Austria, July 1988.

        20.   Annual AMS/MAA Meetings, Phoenix, Arizona, January 1989.

        21.   La.-Miss Section meeting (MAA), Biloxi, February 1989 (student paper judge).

        22.   Clifford Lectures, Tulane, February 1990 (Co-organizer).

        23.   International Congress of mathematicians, Kyoto, Japan, August 1990.

        24.   Annual AMS-MAA meeting, San Francisco, CA, January 1991.

        25.   Inaugural Conference of the ARO Applied Mathematics Center at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, September               1991.

        26.   CBMS Conference on Compensated Compactness, Santa Cruz, CA, June 1993.

        27.   U.S.-Japan Seminar on Stochastic Processes, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, January 1994.

        28.   AMS Annual Meeting, San Diego, January 1997.

        29.   More than thirty other conferences.

        1.     Washington University, St. Louis, 1967

        2.     Yale University, 1968          

        3.     Tulane University, 1968     

        4.     University of Maryland, 1968           

        5.     Michigan State University, 1968      

        6.     University of Kentucky, 1969

        7.     Université de Montréal, 1970            

        8.     Georgetown University, 1970            

        9.     Carnegie-Mellon University, 1971

        10.   University of Kansas, 1971

        11.   Kansas State University, 1971

        12.   L.S.U.N.O., 1971

        13.   North Carolina State Universtiy, 1971

        14.   Université de Montréal, 1973

        15.   Pontifical Catholic University, 1975

        16.   Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, 1975

        17.   IMPA, 1975

        18.   Universidade de Brasilia, 1975

        19.   University of São Paulo, 1975

        20.   University of Campinas, 1975

        21.   Louisiana State University, 1975

        22.   University of Tennessee, 1976

        23.   Carnegie-Mellon University, 1975

        24.   West Virginia University, 1976

        25.   University of Rochester, 1976

        26.   S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo, 1976

        27.   George Washington University, 1976

        28.   University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 1976

        29.   Northwestern University, 1977         

        30.   Texas A & M University, 1977

        31.   University of Texas at Austin, 1977

        32.   Memphis State University, 1978

        33.   Université de Montréal, 1973

        34.   University of California at Riverside, 1978

        35.   Catholic University, 1978

        36.   Texas A & M University, 1979

        37.   University of California at Riverside, 1980

        38.   University of South Florida, 1980

        39.   S.U.N.Y. at Binghamton, 1980

        40.   Northern Illinois University, 1980

        41.   University of Illinois at Urbana, 1980

        42.   University of New Orleans, 1980

        43.   University of Missouri, St. Louis, 1980

        44.   Washington State University, May 1980

        45.   Montana State University -The Hurst Memorial Lectures, June 1980

        46.   University of Sussex, October 1980

        47.   King’s College, University of London (Series of 3 lectures), October 1980

        48.   University of Dundee, October 1980

        49.   Oxford University, November 1980  

        50.   R.W.T.H. Aachen (Technical University at Aachen), December 1980

        51.   Imperial College, University of London, January 1981

        52.   University of Paris, 1981

        53.   University of College Cork, February 1981

        54.   Trinity College, Dublin, February 1981

        55.   Queen’s University of Belfast, February 1981

        56.   Westfield College, University of London, March 1981

        57.   Bedford College, University of London, March 1981

        58.   University of Padua, April 1981

        59.   Free University of Trent, April 1981

        60.   Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (University of Pisa), April 1981

        61.   Oxford University, May 1981

        62.   University of Houston, November 1981

        63.   University of Missouri, St. Louis, January 1982

        64.   University of Kentucky, April 1982

        65.   University of Southwestern Louisiana, March 1983

        66.   Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, June 1983

        67.   Southern Illinois University, November 1983

        68.   University of Illinois, November 1983

        69.   Illinois Institute of Technology, November 1983

        70.   Wright State University, January 1984

        71.   University of Southern California, March 1984

        72.   University of California at Riverside, March 1984

        73.   University of California at Irvine, March 1984

        74.   Carnegie-Mellon University, May 1984

        75.   Oakland University, October 1984

        76.   Texas Tech University, November 1984

        77.   University of Zagreb (Yugoslavia), December 1974

        78.   San Diego State University, January 1985

        79.   Universität Graz (Austria), May, June 1985

        80.   Universität Wien (Austria), June 1985

        81.   Vanderbilt University, October 1985

        82.   Duke University, November 1985

        83.   Western Washington University (Series of 6 lectures), May 1986

        84.   University of New Orleans, September 1986

        85.   Carnegie-Mellon University, October 1986

        86.   University of South Florida, February 1987

        87.   Argonne National Laboratory, May 1987

        88.   University of Alabama at Birmingham, May 1987

        89.   Carnegie-Mellon University, June 1987

        90.   Los Alamos National Laboratory, July 1987

        91.   University of Rome, September 1987               

        92.   University of Rome II, September 1987

        93.   University of Bologna, September 1987

        94.   University of Padova, September 1987

        95.   University of Southwestern Louisiana, October 1987

        96.   Georgia Tech, November 1987

        97.   Universität Tübingen, January 1988

        98.   Université Franche-Comté, Besançon, January 1988

        99.   Universität Zürich, January 1988

        100. Kansas State University, February 1988

        101. Universität Tübingen, July 1988

        102. Technical University of Delft, Holland, July 1988

        103. Universität Oldenburg, July 1988

        104. Universität Graz, July 1988

        105. Los Alamos National Laboratory, August 1988

        106.                 University of California at Santa Barbara, December 1988

        107. Howard University, April 1989

        108. Universitá Bari, May 1989 (3 lectures)

        109. Universitá Basilicata, Potenza, May 1989

        110. Universitá Roma, May 1989

        111. Universitá Bologna, May 1989

        112. Universitá Padova, May 1989

        113. Universität Tübingen, June 1989 (4 lectures)

        114. University of Zagreb, June 1989

        115. Universität Graz, July 1989

        116. Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, July 1989

        117. University of Strathclyde, May 1990

        118. Heriot-Watt University, June 1990

        119. University of Glasgow, June 1990

        120. University of London, June 1990

        121. Université de Paris VI, June 1990

        122. University of Sheffield, July 1990

        123. Hiroshima University, September 1990

        124. California, Berkeley, September 1990

        125. California, Riverside, October 1990

        126. California, Davis, November 1990

        127. Tulane, November 1990

        128. LSU, November 1990

        129. Tulane, January 1991

        130. MSRI (Berkeley), February 1991

        131. Utah, April 1991

        132. MSRI, May 1991

        133. Essen (Germany), October 1991

        134. University of California, Riverside, June 1992

        135. University of Southern California, June 1992

        136. Louisiana State University, September 1992

        137. Technical University of Delft, December 1992

        138. Texas A & M University (“Frontiers of Mathematics Lecturer”, 4 talks), October 1993

        139. University of Houston, October 1993

        140. Tulane University (joint Physics and Chemistry colloquium), November 1993

        141. Università di Bologna, Bologna, Italy, April 1994

        142. Università di Bari, Bari, Italy, April 1994

        143. University of Nevada at las Vegas, November 1994

        144. University of Missouri, January 1995

        145. Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon, France, February 1995

        146. University of Bari (3 lectures), May 1996

        147. University of Lecce, May 1996

        148. University of Bologna, May 1996

        149. University of Arkansas, January 1997             

        150. I.C.A.M., V.P.I. & S.U., April 1997

        151. University of Bologna, May 1997

        152. University of Parma, June 1997

        153. University of Bari, June 1997

        154. University of Bologna, May 1997

        155. University of Parma, June 1997

        156. University of Bari, June 1997

        157. Courant Institute, (NYU), November 1997

        158. Georgetown University, December 1997

159.       University of Bari (2 lectures), June 1998

160.       University of Bologna, June 1998

161.       University of Lecce, June 1998

            162.   University of Tübingen, September 1998

            163.   Georgetown University, February 1999

            164. Mississippi State University, February 1999

            165. University of Bari, Italy, June 1999

166. University of Bologna, Italy, June 1999

167. University of Memphis, Department of Physics, October 1999

168.   Universität Tübingen, March 2000

169. University of  Bari, Italy, June 2000

170.   University of Bologna, Italy, June 2000

171.       University of Ulm, Germany, June 2001

172.       Vanderbilt University, November 2001

173.       University of Bari, June 2002

174.       University of Bologna, June 2002

175.       Universitaet Tuebingen, June 2002

176.       University of Bari, May & June, 2003

177.       University of Bologna, June 2003.

178.       SISSA, Trieste, Italy, June 2003.

179.       University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras (San Juan), June 2005.

180.       University of Bari, Italy, June 2004.

181.       Universitaet Tuebingen, Germany, June 2004.

182.       Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany, July 2004.

183.       Universitaet Ulm, Germany, July 2004.

184.       University of Illinois, Chicago, July 2004.

185.       University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, June 2005.

186.       University of Oslo, Norway (Center for Mathematics and Applications), June 2005.

187.       University of Bari, Italy, June 2005.

188.       University of Tuebingen, Germany, July 2005.

189.       University of Ulm, Germany, June 2005.

190.       Universita di Bari, Italy (3 lectures), June 2006.

191.       Universite de Paris VI, France, June 2006.

192.       Universitaet Ulm, Germany, July 2006.

 Invited Seminar Talks (et al) 

Presentations - Universities/Industry (refereed *)

        1.     Princeton University, 1967, 1968

        2.     Stanford University, 1971

        3.     LSU, 1978, 1988, 1989, 1990

       4.       University of Memphis, Mechanical Engineering, 2005

       5.       Cantor Sect (student math club), University of Memphis, 2006

       6.       President’s House, Retired Faculty Luncheon, Memphis, 2006

        7.          Commencement Address, University of Memphis (FedEx Arena), 2006


        1.     Hurst Lecturer, Montana State University, 1980

        2.     SIAM Visiting Lecturer, 1981-1985

        3.     Frontiers in Mathematics Lectures, Texas A & M, 1993

        4.     Distinguished Lecturer Series, University of Southwestern Louisiana, 1994

5.             Three week course on Non-Linear  Semigroups (18 90 minute lectures), SMI, Cortona, Italy, 2001

6.             Two week short course (9 90 minute lectures) , University of Bari, Italy, 2003

7.             Two day short course and workshop (4 hour lectures), University of Puerto Rico, June 2005 (jointly with G. R. Goldstein)



 National Science Foundation (Conway-Goldstein-Rosencrans) $ 17,100 1969-1970
N.R.C. Travel GrantInternational Congress of Mathematicians, Nice, France   1970
 National Science Foundation (Conway-Goldstein-Rosencrans) 17, 500 1970-1971
 National Science Foundation (Conway-Goldstein-Rosencrans) 19,800 1971-1972
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein) 6,200 1973-1974
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein) 8,400 1976-1977
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein) 9,100 1977-1978
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein) 9,700 1978-1979
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein) 22,370 1979-1981
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein) 31,980 1981-1983
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein) 21,250 1983-1984
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein) 25,000 1984-1985
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein) 33,933 1985-1987
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein) 31,272 1987-1988
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein) 32,578 1988-1989
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein) 39,006 1989-1990
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein-Kappel-Schappacher) 6,990 1989
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein) 39,200 1990-1991
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein) Supplement 4,950 1990-1991
NSF-AMS Travel GrantInternational Congress of Mathematicians, Kyoto, Japan 1,500 1990
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein) 40,000 1991-1992
 Department of Energy (Dorroh-Goldstein) 5,250 1992-1993
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein) 40,000 1992-1994
 LEQSF (Goldstein-Goldstein) 50,000 1994-1997
 LEQSF (Goldstein-Goldstein) Supplement 1,400 1994-1997
 Academic Enrichment Fund (Goldstein-Goldstein-Huang) University of Memphis 1,420 1997-1998
 Academic Enrichment Fund (Goldstein-Goldstein-Haddock- Zhang), University of Memphis Academic Enrichment Funds (Chen-Goldstein-Goldstein-Vogt), University of Memphis 1,500 2,000 1998-1999 2002
 Academic Enrichment Funds (Chen-Goldstein-Goldstein-Hagen), University of Memphis 1,500 2004-2005
 Academic Enrichment Funds (Goldstein-Goldstein), University of Memphis 1,200 2006 - 2007
 National Science Foundation (Goldstein-Goldstein-Shivaji) $14,550 2008-2013


Project/s summary

See Appendix E      

  CUPM (Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics) of MAA (Mathematical Association of America) 1976-1991
  Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Guidelines for the Evaluation of Collegiate Mathematics Programs (MAA) 1977-1979
  CUPM Panel on Mathematics Appreciation Courses [C] 1977-1982
  CUPM-CTUM Panel on Service Courses 1981-1989
  CUPM [C] 1982-1988
  Sloan Foundation MAA Panel on Discrete Mathematics in the First Two Years 1983-1986
  MAA Ad Hoc Committee to Rewrite the Teacher Training Statement [C] 1984
  Nominating Committee, MAA 1985-1987
  Program Committee for the 1986 MAA National Meeting [C] 1985-1986
  Member, Sloan Foundation Conference on Calculus 1986
  Member, Program Committee for the 1987 MAA National Meeting 1986-1987
  CUPM Subcommittee on the First Two Years of Collegiate Mathematics 1986
  Member, MAA Calculus Project Steering Committee 1986-1987
  MAA-NCTM Task Force on Mathematics Curriculum for Grades 11-13 1986-1988
  SIAM Education Committee 1986-1988‘
  AMS Committee on Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Employment Security 1986-1990
  Member, CUPM Subcommittee on the First Two years of Collegiate Math. (CRAFTY) 1986-1990
  National Research Council Task Force on Calculus 1987-1989
  National Science Foundation Advisory Committee for the Division of Mathematical Sciences 1987-1990
  Member, CUPM Subcommittee on the Major in the Mathematical Sciences 1987-1991
  Member AAC/MAA Task Force on the Mathematics Major 1988-1990
  Chairman of MAA Nominating Committee 1989-1991
  NSF Panels on Calculus Grants 1989-1991
  AMS Nominating Committee 1992-1995
  Chair, AMS Nominating Committee 1993-1994
  NSF Panels on Conferences and CBMS Conferences 1993, 1994
  Member, MAA Coordinating Committee on Human Resources 1993-1996
  MAA Committee on Consultants [C] 1993-1996
  AMS Committee on the Menger Prizes 1995-1999
  AMS judge for the International Science and Engineering Fair, (Louisville, KY). AMS judge for the International Science and Engineering Fair, (Fort Worth, TX) Chair May 1997 May 1998
  NSF Panels July 1997 Dec 1997 Feb 1999 Jan. 2003
  MAA Program Committee for the 2001 National AMS/MAA Meeting 1999-2001
  AMS for Selection of Hour Speakers at Southeastern Meetings 2003 - 2005
  MAA Committee for Selection of Hour Speakers for the Annual Meeting, New Orleans, January 2007 2005 - 2007

Matematica Aplicada e Computacional Associate Editor 1981-
Semigroup Forum Associate Editor 1982-1989
Semigroup Forum Executive Editor 1990-
Differential and Integral Equations Associate Editor 1988-
Electronic Journal of Differential Equations Associate Editor 1993-
Communications in Applied Analysis Associate Editor 1995-
Advances in Differential Equations Associate Editor 1995-
Positivity Associate Editor 1996-
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications Associate Editor 1998-
Computational Analysis and Applications Associate Editor 1998-
International Journal of Differential Equations and Applications Associate Editor 1999-
Journal of Evolution Equations Associate Editor 2000-
Electronic Journal of Mathematical and Physical Sciences Boletim de Societe Paranese de Matematica B Associate Editor Associate Editor 2002- 2003-
Boletim da Sociedade Paranaense de Matematica International Journal of Evolution Equations Associate Editor Honorary Editor 2003- 2004-
Book series: Advances in Differential Equations (Birkhauser) Editorial Board Member 2006

Richland College, Dallas, Texas 1979
MAA Consultants Bureau 1982
Los Alamos National Laboratories 1984
ACT, Iowa City, Iowa 1986
AP Examination Grader for ETS 1987
University of Tennessee 1987
University of North Carolina at Charlotte 1988
Metropolitan State University, Denver, Colorado 1988
Miami University of Ohio 1989
University of Nevada at Las Vegas 1990
Utah State University 1992
California State Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo 1994

Appendix B

Ph.D. Dissertations Advised:  [Location of first position]
1972        Charles J. Monlezun,  Temporally Inhomogeneous ScatteringTheory [Penn State University].
1974        James T. Sandefur, Jr.,  Higher Order Abstract Chauchy Problems [Georgetown University].
1974        Joseph H. Hendrickson, Temporally Inhomogeneous Scattering with Modified Wave Operators [SUNY at Binghamton].
1974                        Bruno J. Wichnoski, Temporally Inhomogeneous Scattering Theory [University of North Carolina at Charlotte].
1975           B. Clay Burch, A Semigroup Treatment of the Nonlinear Hamilton-Jacobin Equation in Several Space Variables  (co-advised with  E.D. Conway) [Northwestern University].
1976                        Janet M. Hughes (Diem), Estimation in a Nonstationary Markov Chain  (co-advised with C.B. Bell and A. Levine)                                             [Tulane University].
1978                        Kuong Lin OuYoung, Peruodic Solutions of Conservation Laws  [University of Missouri at Rolla].
1983        Michael E. Ballotti, Modern Versions of the Theorems of Kneser and Wiener  [Western Washington University].
1986        Gisèle Ruiz Rieder, Mathematical Contributions to Thomas-Fermi Theory  [Louisiana State University].
1986                        Lige Li, Positive Solutions of Some Predator-Prey Interacting Systems (co-advised with E.D. Conway) [Kansas State                                                         University].
1987                        Chin-Yuan Lin, Degenerate Nonlinear Parabolic Boundary Value Problems  [Texas A & M University].
1989                        Douglas D. Pickett, Scattering Theory for Higher Order Equations  [Naval Air Development Center].
1990                        Mi Ai Park, Model Equations in Fluid Dynamics  [Seoul National University].
1991                        Gabriella Segalla, Linear Integrodifferential Equations in Banach Spaces  [University of South Alabama].
1991                        Denise Kirschner, Epidemiology and Immunology in AIDS  (co-advised with J.M. Hyman) [Vanderbilt University].
1992                        Chien-An Lung,  The Nuclear Cusp Condition in Spin PolarizedThomas-Fermi Theory (co-advised with Gisèle R.                                              Goldstein) [Taiwan].
1995                        Genbao Shi, Mathematical Contributions to Elasticity and Quantum Theory  [TCI Corporation].
1996                        Kunyang Wang, The Generalized Kompaneets Equation  [Louisiana State University].
1998           Andrei Breazna, Parameter Dependence in Thomas-Fermi Theory  (co-advised with G.R. Goldstein) [University of Rochester].
1998           Aurora Breazna, Approximations of Generalized Wave Equations by Two-Point Boundary Value Problems  (co-advised with G.R. Goldstein) [University of Rochester].
2000                        Radu Cascaval, Global Well-Posedness for a Class of Dispersive Equations [University of Missouri, Columbia].
2000                        Yudi Soeharyadi, Regularity Properties for Balance Laws [Southern Illinois University].
2003          Ismail Kombe, Linear and Nonlinear Parabolic Partial Differential Equations with Singular Lower Order Terms [University                   of Missouri, Columbia]. 
2006          Ciprian G. Gal, [Morgan State University].
Teddy  J. Clarke, in progress                   (2008)
Naima Naheed, in progress              (2008)

Appendix E

Gave lecture to high school students belonging to the Mathematics Club Mu Alpha Theta.  (The students attended Catholic schools in ten parishes north of Lake Pontchartrain.) Southeastern Louisiana, Hammond, Louisiana, 1969.  Gave lectures at Allen Elementary School and Riverdale High School in 1979.  McMain Junior High School in 1982, Grace King High School in 1983.  Lectured at Ben Franklin High School, 1984 and 1989, and at Dominican High School, 1987.  Also was a judge at a School Science Fair, 1969.  In 2006 I lectured to the U of M undergraduate Math Club (the Cantor Sect) and at the luncheon for retired faculty and staff.  I gave the U of M commencement address in August 2006 at the FedEx Forum.
While at LSU I was on the Advisory Board of the Challenger Learning Senate (appointed by Richard Baker, U.S. House of Representatives).
When I was department chair at Memphis, I worked with Darin Clifft, other faculty members, and school teachers on making our department a resource for Shelby County Math teachers.