B.A. Theatre/Communications University of Southern Maine 1974
M.F.A. Dance Choreography The Ohio State University 1991

Leadership Team   Playback Memphis 2020-
Professor Theatre & Dance University of Memphis 2007- present
Chair Theatre & Dance University of Memphis 2012- 2020
Adjunct Professor Department of Dance Cornell University 1979-1988
Assistant Professor Department of Theatre and Dance The University of Memphis 1991-1997
Associate Professor Department of Theatre and Dance The University of Memphis 1997-2006
Artistic Director Project:Motion Dance Company   2003-2007

Benjamin Rawlins, Jr. Meritorious Professorship Award U 0f M College of Communication and Fine Arts 2012
Dean's Creative Achievement Award College of Communication and Fine Arts, the University of Memphis 2006-2007
Dean's Faculty Advisor Award Runner-up College of Communication and Fine Arts 2006
Dean's Faculty Advisor Award Runner-up College of Communication and Fine Arts 2004
Superior Performance in University Research The University of Memphis 1993
Fellowship Leonard Bernstein Center for Arts in Education 1995
Assistantship The Ohio State University 1989-1991
Summa Cum Laude The University of Southern Maine 1974

Modern Dance I (u) The University of Memphis
Modern Dance II (u)  
Advanced Dance Techniques (u)  
Dance Education in diverse Settings(u)  
Directing Experiments (u)  
Dance History (u) (G)  
Dance Movement Analysis (U)  
Ballet I (U)  
Dance Repertory (U)  
Introduction to Dance (U)  
Dance Improvisation (U)  
Multi-Cultural Expressions of Women (G)  
Honors Seminar- The Global Challenge (U)  
Arts in Education (U)  
Women and the Arts (u) (G)  
Art and the community (U) (G)  
Performance Fundamentals (U)  

BFA Miranda Fisher 2014

Playback Memphis Performance ongoing Memphis Police Department, Life-Line, St. Judes Playback memphis INC
Playback Memphis- part of a PBS news feature about Universal Parenting Places of Memphis September 2016 Universal Parenting Places of Memphis UPPS
Performance-Part of University of Memphis Suicide Training, Education and Prevention (STEPS) Project: April 2016 LeMoyne Owen College STEPS
Spoken Word Performance "The Good Girl" March 2015 Just City, Memphis and Podcast Just City, Memphis
Solo Dance Performance August 14, 2014 MT Vernon Maine Bearnstow Dance Center
Playback Memphis Featured Company October, 2012 Sidwell Friends School, Wash DC Yes
Sometimes I Almost Believe It, solo to poem April 2011 University of Memphis  
Dualities- Duet to original music April 2010 University of Memphis  
Identity Check, dance for 14, original music December 2010 University of Memphis  
Playback Memphis, Company Member January 2009- present Theatre South, St. Judes Hospital, Memphis Police Headquarters, Orange Mound Senior Center, Head start, Leadership Memphis, Idlewild Presbyterian Church, Victim Yes- from all organizations listed
Artistic director- Momentum Dance Concert April 2009 University of Memphis  
Swath, Dance for 8 music by Schumann April 2009 University of Memphis  
RiverDreams- dance for 5 April 2009- May 2011 Memphis City School tours Project Motion Dance company
Producer Spring Dance Concert April 2008 CFA 124 University of Memphis
"Persistence" choreographer December 2008 DanceSpace  
"Precipice" choreographer April 2007 Theatre Works Project: Motion
"Ten Springs" choreographer October 2007 A.P.E. performance space Northampton MA Smith College
Metallurgy- choreographer April 2006 TheatreWorks Project:Motion
Present/Present- choreographer and performer December 2006 TheatreWorks Voices of the South
"Mining" choreographer April 2006 Theatre Works Project:Motion
"Sized Up" choreographer and performer December 2005 Theatre Works Voices of the South
Camp Trinity: The Musical 7/1/2005 Hayfork, CA Bar 717 Ranch
Lineage-Artistic Director April 2005 TheatreWorks, Memphis Project:Motion
"Transgressions (Three Instances) Choreographer and dancer September 2004- October 2005 Cornell U, Wells College, Providence College, The Ohio State University, Wesleyan University, The University of Northampton UK  
Lineage-Artistic Director April 2005 TheatreWorks, Memphis Project:Motion
"Last Dance" choreographer April 2005 Dance Space  
"Well, Now that You Bring It Up," choreographer and dancer November 2003 Theatre Works Voices of the South
"Dance For Us All" Choreographer March 2003 Memphis Public Library Center for Research on Women
"Drought: Condition for Extinction", choreographer April 2003 DanceSpace Yes
"Sometimes I Almost Believe It" choreographer and dancer December 2002 Theatre Works Voices of the South
"Fierce Tears" choreographer April 2002 DanceSpace yes
"Swells" choreographer December 2001 Theatre Works YES
Running Deep Summer and Fall 2000 Statewide Tour Project Motion
9/12/1989 November, 2000 TheatreWorks Project Motion
"Running Deep" choreographer June 2000 various Memphis Arts Council
Dancing Stories Fall 2000 and 2001 Statewide Tour Memphis Arts Council
"Viable" choreographer October 1999 Theatre Works Project:Motion
Grandma's in Tennis Shoes 3/1/1999 The University of Memphis, Barking Legs Theatre, Chattanooga, TN, Cookeville, TN, Emory University Atlanta, Georgia  
"Saxuality" Choreographer April 1999 Mainstage yes
"It's Elemental my Dear Watson" choreographer and dancer November 1998 DanceSpace yes
"Grandmas in Tennis Shoes" choreographer November 1998 Emory University, Barking Legs Theatre, Chattanooga Emory University
Arthur April, 1998 The University of Memphis  
Shelter December, 1998 The University of Memphis  
Topography 4/1/1997 The University of Memphis  
Kid's Life April 1997, May 1997 TheatreWorks, Shelby State DanceWorks
The School's the Stage 5/31/1997 Takoma Educational Center, MD Liz Lerman
A Moment in the Monk Nov. 1995, March 1996, Jan 1996 The University of Memphis, The University of Montevallo, Memphis Arts Council Memphis Arts Council
Liquid April 1994, Dec 1994, March 1995, Spring 1995 The University of Memphis, The University of Mississippi, Rust College, Memphis City Schools University of Mississippi
Viable Feb 1994, April 1994 The University of Memphis  
The Negro Spirituals Feb 1993, april 1993 The University of Memphis, Brooks Museum, the University of Arkansas, Blues Hall Beale Street, Trinity College Faculty Research Grant
People With a Dream Feb 1993-April 1993 Memphis City Schools, Playhouse on the Square  
Private Words: the Hiding of Anne Frank's Diary June 1993, Spring 1994 Memphis city Schools, the University of Memphis Memphis Arts council
Electric Symphonies 2/1/1992 New Music Festival, University of Memphis  
It Went Thatta Way 3/1/1992 The University of Memphis Memphis Arts Council
Stories From Home 4/1/1992 The University of Memphis  
Together Again 8/1/1993 Vincent DeFrank Hall Blues City Cultural Center
Light 9/1/1993 Freedom Awards Banquet, Peabody Ballroom The National Civil rights Museum
Baggage 3/13/1992 The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa  
Women With Body Full of Echo 4/1/1992 The University of Memphis  
9/12/1989 April 1992, Sept 1992 The University of Memphis, Emory University Emory University

Refereed Journal Publications

Lau, Holly, editor.   The Newsletter of the Society of Dance History Scholars. Memphis, The University of Memphis, 1995-1997

Lau, Holly. Dances I am Eager to See,Teaching across race, class and gender. Standpoint. Center for Research on Women. Fall 2003. V 22, N. 1

Lau, Holly.  StartSmart Dance Experience Plans. Fall 2005

Presentations - Conference (refereed *)

*Presenter, Hand-in-Hand, Art and Academics go to School,  Dance, Culture &Art-Making Behavior Congress for Research in Dance, The University of Arizona, Tucson, October 31- November 2, 1997

*Panelist, Current Issues in Dance Education: K-8, Dance, Culture &Art-Making Behavior, Congress for Research in Dance, The University of Arizona, Tucson, October 31- November 2, 1997

*Moderator, Understanding Through sight, Play and Intuition, Dance, Culture &Art-Making Behavior, Congress for Research in Dance, The University of Arizona, Tucson, October 31- November 2, 1997

*Conference Co-planner and Presenter, Creating Arts Focus Schools in the Public Sector, Aesthetic Education Institute, University of Rochester, April 28 & 29, 2000.

*Panel Member, The Conference for National Aesthetic Education Institutes, Aspen Colorado, Oct. 2000

Planner and Teacher, Mid-year Seminar, Center for Arts Education, Memphis TN, January 12 & 13, 2001

*Presenter The Art of Teaching Through Art, Dance Among the Arts, National Dance Education Organization Conference, Minneapolis MN. April 19 - 22, 2001 

*Presenter Creative Partnerships: Extending Boundaries. Hawaiian International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Honolulu 2003

Presenter Center for Research on Women Twenty-fifth Anniversary. Poetry Reading, University of Memphis  October 2002

Presenter Changemakers Symposium. Performance Event, Memphis-Shelby County Library, March 2003

Presenter National Dance Association, Houston Texas January, 2004

*Presenter Interdisciplinary Landscapes , Women and Performance, Northampton, UK September, 2004

*Presenter The Spirit of Creativity: Its Essence in Dance and Education, National Dance Education Conference, Buffalo NY, Oct 2005


Presentations - Universities/Industry (refereed *)

Practicing with Playback- Zoom Training Session

Sparks Conversation hosted by Ballet Memphis, Cross Town Arts Memphis June 2013

1994-1999 Hand-in-Hand, Arts Integration Model for Bruce Elementary School (a K-6 at-risk population)  Creator, writer, facilitator and artistic director for the first arts-integration education model for the Memphis City School District. The model is thriving and now being directed by school personnel.

1995 - March, Lecture, Women’s Center Lecture Series, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut.

1993 - Sept. 9 -12 , Emory University, Atlanta, GA, Performer And Teacher

1995 - March 20 - 23, Trinity College, Hartford, Ct, Reconstructor, Director, Teacher And Lecturer Of The Negro Spirituals  By Helen Tamiris

1995 - March 10, University Of Georgia, Athens, GA American College Dance Festival, Master      Teacher

1993 -2001, Summer - Institute For The Arts, Memphis Arts Council, Teaching Artist, Director Of Teaching Artist Training

1992 -2001 - Arts In The Schools, Memphis Arts Council, Memphis Public School Visiting Artist1992 - Mar. 12, 13, The University Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Al, American College Dance Festival, Teacher And Lecturer

1993 - 94, Summer, Peace In The House, Blues City Cultural Center, Memphis, TN, Choreographer And Teacher

1994 - 95, Bruce Elementary School, Memphis, TN, Artistic Director

1994 - Oct. 22 - 26, The University Of Mississippi, Oxford, Ms, Choreographer And Teacher

1993 - April 15,  The University Of Arkansas, Little Rock, AK American College Dance  Festival, Master Teacher

1993 - 95, Winter, Tennessee State Thespian Conference, Memphis, TN, Guest Teacher

1996 - March, Mississippi Dance Alliance, Guest Teacher, Annual Conference

1997 - August, October, December, Bruce Elementary School, Art in education in-service training.

1997-1998- Memphis City School Teaching and Learning Center, Arts Seminars

1998 - February 25, Arts in Education conference on focus schools.

1999- March, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, teacher and choreographer

2002- November, Facilitator for the Imagination Conversation: A National Conversation.               Memphis

2003- Book review of Jump into Jazz  by Kraines and Pryor for  Mayfield Publishing Company

Master Teacher, Providence College-Choreography and Text, March 9, 2005

Master Teacher, Wells College- Choreography and Text, October 2, 2005



FundedJeniam Foundation $20,900 2019-2020
FundedMemphis Arts Council $3,500 2019-2020
FundedJeniam Foundation $25,000 2018-2019
FundedMemphis Arts Council $1,500 2018-2019
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FundedDance/USA, National College Choreography Initiative 10000 2001-2002
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 Memphis Arts Council 3000 2006-2007
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Internal Support
Funded Faculty Research Grant 2775 Fall 1992-Spring 1993
Funded Student Activities Council 7100 Spring 2001
Funded Faculty Research Grant 4000 Fall 1994-Spring 1995
Funded Dean's Academic Enrichment 3400 2001
Funded Student Activities Council 16400 2001-2002
Funded Dean's Academic Enrichment 4000 2001-2002


Project/s summary

Playback Memphis Community Partners MICAH, UPPS, Memphis Police Department, Job Corps Ongoing  
Teaching Artist Memphis Public Schools Summer 1992- 2003 Memphis Arts Council
The Arts/Bruce connection Bruce Elementary School 1994-1995 The University of Memphis, Bernstein Center for Arts in Education, Memphis Arts Council
Production Support Ida B. Wells Elementary School, Passages Project, Black History Month February, 1999  
Liz Lerman Project Bruce Elementary School 1/1/1999 Student Activities Council
Hand-in-Hand Bruce Elementary School 1997-1998 Partners in Public Education
Consultant for Multiple Intelligence Reform Programs Teaching and Learning Academy 1997-1998 Memphis Arts Council
Dancing Stories Memphis City Schools Fall 2000 Memphis Arts Council
Dance Lecture Demonstration St. Jude's Hospital, Le Bonheur, Gaston Park Library 1/1/2001 Opera Memphis
The Gingerbread Man The Shrine School Feb-Mar 2001 The Shrine School
Cultural Awareness Ceremony Ridgeway HS 2/1/2001 Ridgeway HS
Metal Velvet Dance Project Metal Velvet Dance Project 2000  
Master Teaching Artist for NAAI Grahamwood ES 3/1/2002 Memphis Arts Council
Changemakers Symposium Center for Research on Women 3/1/2003  
StartSmart Residency Pilot Project West Memphis Public Schools Spring 2004- Fall 2005 WolfTrap Program, Kennedy Center
Liturgical Dance Contest Judge Ridgeway HS 3/1/2005 Ballet on Wheels
Master Teaching Artist Covington Integrated Arts Academy- parents, teachers and students October, 2005 Delta Arts Institute
RiverDreams Memphis City Schools Summer 2005-2006 Project Motion

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  Season 1991-
  Introduction to Dance Supervisor © 1997-
  Outreach and Community Involvement © 2000-

Memphis Arts Council Arts in the Schools Advisory Board 1996-2002
Tennessee Association of Dance Vice-President 1992-1996
The Society of Dance History Scholars ,Editor, Newsletter 1995-1996
TheatreWorks Boardmember 2004-
Project:Motion Boardmember 2004-
National Dance Education Organization   2002-

Memphis Arts Council 1992-2002
Lincoln Center Institute 2000-2001
WolfTrap Early Childhood Education in the Arts, Kennedy Center 2004-2005
Delta Arts Institute 2004-

Appendix A

Academic Year (please indicate year) Course # Course Name Credit Hours Percent Taught Enroll Labratory Supervised(S)/Instructed(I) New Preparation (Y) /(N)
2004-2006 UNHP 1101 The Global Challenge 3 100 25   ye

Appendix C

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Lau, Holly.   The Child as Work of Art :  Blending Art and Academics in the Curriculum through the Arts/Bruce Connection , Proceedings of Border Crossings  Conference The Society of Dance History Scholars 10 - 14  May 1995.  Riverside: The University of California
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