2017 Distinguished Teaching Award Nomination

As a graduate of the UofM, you probably remember very fondly a professor who deserves public recognition for the way he or she has helped you in your education. Nominate your most deserving professor(s) for the 2017 Distinguished Teaching Award.

When making your nominations, consider these criteria:
  1. Knowledge in his or her field.
  2. Respect for the opinions of others.
  3. Effectiveness in the classroom.
  4. Genuine interest in students and teaching.
The eligibility of the nominees will be verified by the Distinguished Teaching Award Committee. (Nominees identified below are ineligible for this year's award.) All nominations are confidential and not kept on file.

Please fill in the information about your nominee(s). If you are unsure of the spelling of a nominee's name, follow the link to the campus whitepages.

Please note: If you wish to nominate two professors for the Distinguished Teaching Award, please be sure to nominate both at the same time. Once you have submitted your nominations, you will not be able to come back and nominate anyone else.

Please Note: The following faculty are ineligible for consideration this year, because they have already won the award twice or have received it in the past seven years (listed alphabetically by last name).

Breckenridge, Leigh Ann: Nursing (2013)
Amis, John (2009)
Babakus, Emin: Marketing and Supply Chain Management (2010)
Banning, Thomas
Biggers, Charles J.: Biology (1985 & 1996)
Bridges, Sara: Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research (2012)
Brotherton, Sophia C.: Curriculum & Instruction (1967 & 1985)
Calhoun, Malcolm D.: Electrical Engineering (1973 & 1986)
Campbell, Douglas (2014)
Caplinger, Thomas R.: Mathematical Sciences (1975 & 1999)
Ciscel, David: Economics (2003)
Crawford, Charles W. (History)
Dalle, Teresa (1989, 2009)
Davis, Glen W.: Engineering Technology (1976 & 1989)
Detraz, Nicole (2014)
Dice, Cathy: English (2010)
Duck, Leigh Anne: English (2007)
Enck, Graves E.: Sociology (1980 and 1991)
Entman, June (2009)
Ethington, Corinne: Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research (2003)
Frankle, Robert: History (1982 and 2004)
Freeman, David (Biology)
Freilich, Mark: Chemistry (2003)
Gilliland, Burl E.: Counseling & Personal Services (1978 & 1989)
Grubaugh, Jack W.: Biology (1997 & 2007)
Hall, Charles: English (1989,2006)
Hamrick, Michael H.: Health, Physical Education & Recreation (1978 & 1990)
Henderson, Charles S.: Sociology (1968 and 1978)
Johnston, Jennifer
Jones, Shawn: Marketing and Supply Chain Management (2013)
Jones, Tammy: English (2012)
Kelz, Robert
Kolbe, Phillip: Finance, Insurance, & Real Estate (1993 & 2003)
Lupfer, Shirley L.: Psychology (1974 & 1983)
Magowan, Robert E.: Engineering Technology (1978 & 1986)
Marchini, Robert*: Physics (2008)
Mardis, Nancy: Accountancy (2006)
Martin, Reginald (English) *two-time winner
Meservy, Thomas: Management Information Systems (2012)
Murphy, Kendra (2014)
Payne, James F.: Biology (1971 & 1997)
Perry, Edward H.: Mechanical Engineering (1977 & 2001)
Potter, Sarah
Ross, Steven M.: Foundations of Education (1980 & 1988)
Sackett, Ross: Anthropology (2013)
Scanlan, Steven: Sociology (2006)
Smith, Carrie-Brown: Journalism (2013)
Stanley, Sharon (Political Science)
Vandiver, Margaret, Criminology and Criminal Justice (2010)
Weaver, Carmen (2014)
Wilson, Major L.: History (1974 & 1995)
Wright, Peter: Management (2012)
de Velasco, Antonio: Communication (2010)
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