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  9. Administration Building
    Academic Affairs, Academic Personnel Records, Academic Programs and Assessment, Academic Programs and Effectiveness, Accounting Office, Accounts Payable / Travel, A-G, Accounts Payable / Travel, H-P, Accounts Payable / Travel, Q-Z, Animal Care Facilities, Veterinarian, Applicant Services, Art Services, Assistant to the President, Assistant to the President - Office Operations, Assistant to the President - Partnerships, Associate Vice President - Communications, Public Relations and Marketing, Associate Vice President - Development , Associate Vice President - Information Technology Services, Asst. Vice President - Business Services, Asst. Vice President - Finance, Asst. Vice Provost - Academic Programs and Effectiveness, Asst. Vice Provost - Graduate Studies, Asst. Vice Provost - Undergraduate Studies, Attorney, University, AVP / Chief HR Officer- Human Resources, Board of Visitors, Business and Finance, Division of, Business Development, Business Officer - Academic Affairs, Business Services, Campus Information System, Client Support Services, Communications Services, Communications Services (Media Relations), Computer Systems Support, Controller, Office of, Corporate and Foundation Giving, Creative Services, (Publications), Development, Office of, Director - Academic Programs and Assessment, Director - Auditing-Internal, Director - Communications Services, Director - Infrastructure, Director - Institutional Research, Director - Internal Audit, Director - Operations, Director - Planning and Research - Business and Finance, Director - Research Support Services, Director - Space Planning and Utilization, Director - Strategic Planning and Administration, Director of Administration - Academic Affairs, Director of Finance - Academic Affairs, Employee Relations and Engagement - Human Resources, Employee Training - Human Resources, Enrollment Systems - Enrollment Services, Executive Asst. to the President - Government Relations, Executive Asst. to the President - Partnerships and Administration, Experts List, Faculty Administrative Services, Faculty Ombudsperson, Faculty Omsbudperson, Faculty Senate, Faculty Senate President, Faculty Umbudsperson, Finance, Department of, Financial Planning, Financial Reporting, Focus on Finance, General Accounting, Gift Giving, Government Relations and Public Policy, Office of, Graduate Student Association, Grants / Contracts, Grants and Contracts - Accounting, Graphic Standards, HR Records Management - Human Resources, Human Resources, Department of, Human Subjects Research / Institutional Review Board, Individual Gifts, Information Technology Services (ITS), Injury Reports - Human Resources, Institutional Equity Officer, Institutional Equity, Office for, Institutional Research, Insurance / Faculty and Staff, Internal Audit, Internet2, Legal Counsel, Office of, Manager - Faculty Administrative Services, Marketing - (Media Relations), Marketing and Communications, Media Room, Memphis in May Student Affairs Conference (MIMSAC), Omsbudperson, Organization & Employee Development , Payroll, Payroll (Faculty and Staff), Photography - Marketing and Communications, Planned Giving, President, Office of the, Procurement Services, Property, Provost, Office of the, Records and Forms Coordinator, Research Support Services, Office of, Retirement / Faculty and Staff, Safety Officer, Service Desk, SGA Exec. Advisor, Space Planning and Utilization, Office of, Speaker's Bureau, Special Events, Sponsored Project Officers, Student Affairs / Enrollment Services, Student Affairs, Division of, Student Ambassador Board, Systems Development - Business and Finance Support Services, Office of, This Week e-Newsletter, Travel Authorizations, Travel Center - (Travelennium), University Benefits Administration - Educational Assistance - Human Resources, University Benefits Administration - Human Resources, University Benefits Administration - Insurance - Human Resources, University Benefits Administration - Other Benefits - Human Resources, University Benefits Administration - Retirement - Human Resources, University of Memphis Magazine, Update Newsletter, Vice President - Business and Finance, Vice President - Communications, Public Relations and Marketing, Vice President - Student Affairs, Vice Provost - Academic Affairs, Vice Provost - Assessment, Institutional Research and Reporting, Vice Provost - Graduate Programs, Vice Provost - Research, Vice Provost - Undergraduate Programs , Vice Provost / CIO - Information Technology, Web Coordinator, Workforce Management - Employment - Staff - Human Resources, Workforce Management - Human Resources,
  10. Alumni Center
  11. Art and Communication Building
  12. Art Building
  13. Athletic Office Building
  14. Ball Hall, E.C.
  15. Baptist Student Union
  16. Barth House Episcopal Center
  17. Billy Mac Jones Building
  18. Bldg Number 1
  19. Bldg Number 2
  20. Bldg Number 29 WKNO
  21. Bldg Number 48
  22. Bldg Number 8
  23. Bookstore / V. Lane Rawlins Service Court Facility
  24. Brister Hall, John Willard
  25. Browning Hall
  26. C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa
  27. Campus School
  28. Carpenter Student Housng Cmplx-Comty Bldg, Thomas G.
  29. Catholic Student Center
  30. Centennial Place
  31. CERI, 3876 Central
  32. CERI, 3890 Central
  33. CERI, 3918 Central
  34. Christian Student Center (Church of Christ)
  35. Clement Hall
  36. Collierville Center
  37. Communication and Fine Arts Building
  38. Community Health Building
  39. Crews Center for Entrepreneurship
  40. Defense Audit Building
  41. Downtown Law School Building
  42. Dunn Hall
  43. Edward J. Meeman Conference Center
  44. Ellington Hall
  45. Engineering Administration Building
  46. Engineering Science Building
  47. Engineering Technology Building
  48. FedEx Institute of Technology
  49. Fieldhouse, Elma Neal Roane
  50. Finch Recreation Facility, Larry O.
  51. Fogelman College of Bus & Econ Admin Bldg
  52. Fogelman College of Bus & Econ Classroom Bldg
  53. Fogelman Executive Center
  54. Hayden Hall
  55. Health Center, Hudson
  56. Heating and Cooling Plant
  57. Herzog Building, Ray L.
  58. Holiday Inn
  59. Honors Hall
  60. Houston High School
  61. Jewish Student Union
  62. Johnson Hall
  63. Jones Hall
  64. Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality & Resort Mgt
  65. Lambuth Campus
  66. Latter Day Saints Institute
  67. Law Clinic (Downtown)
  68. Life Sciences Building
  69. Lipman Early Childhood School & Res Inst, Barbara K.
  70. Living Learning Residence Complex
  71. Manning Hall
  72. McCord Hall
  73. McWherter Library, Ned R.
  74. Meeman Journalism Building, Edward J.
  75. Millington Center
  76. Mitchell Hall
  77. Music Building
  78. Muslim Student Union
  79. Mynders Hall
  80. Newport Hall
  81. Panhellenic Building
  82. Park Avenue Campus
  83. Parking Garage, Deloach
  84. Parking Garage, Zach Curlin
  85. Patterson Hall
  86. Presbyterian Place
  87. Printing Services Building
  88. Psychology Building
  89. Rawls Hall
  90. Reformed University Fellowship
  91. Robison Hall
  92. Rose Theatre Lecture Hall, Michael D.
  93. Scates Hall
  94. Smith Hall, J.M.
  95. Smith Hall, Nellie Angel
  96. South Hall
  97. Speech and Hearing Center
  98. Student Recreation and Fitness Center
  99. Theatre Building
  100. Tiger Den
  101. University Center
    Adult and Commuter Student Services, Adult Information Center, Adult Student Association, Adult Student Development, Office of, Alumni Mall Lounge, Assoc. Dean - Judicial and Ethical Programs, Office of, Assoc. Dean - Multicultural Affairs, Assoc. Dean of Students - Multicultural Affairs, Assoc. Dean of Students - Student Judicial and Ethical Programs, Asst. Director - University Center, Asst. Vice President - Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Asst. Vice President - Student Life - Dean of Students, Ballroom, Beale Room, Bluff Room, Calendar and Reservations, Commuter Student Association, Commuter Student Services, Conference Room, Copy Center, Dean of Students, Dining Terrace, Director - Adult and Commuter Student Services, Director - Food Services, Director - University Center, East Ballroom Lounge, Emerging Leaders Program, Fountain View Suite, Fraternity Advisor, Frosh Camp, Gallery Lounge, Graduate Assistant - Student Activities, Greek Advisor, Greek Affairs, Greek Councils, Hispanic Student Association, Information, Interfraternity Council, Iris Room, Judicial and Ethical Programs, Office of, Lounge, Memphis Room, Multicultural Affairs Student Organizations, Multicultural Affairs, Office of, Nontraditional Student Services, North Terrace, Off-Campus Housing, Operations - University Center, Panhellenic Council, Poplar Room, Post Office, President - Student Activities, Program Information - University Center, Programs, University Center, Religious Affairs, River Room, Scheduling and Reservations, Senate Chamber, SGA Admin. Advisor, SGA Cabinet and Election Commission, Shelby Room, Sorority Advisor, South Terrace, Student Activities, Student Activities Advisor, Student Activities Council (SAC), Student Government Association, Student Leadership and Involvement, Office of, Student Life, Department of, Student Organizations, Student Ticket Information, Technology Hub, Theatre - University Center, Tiger Catering, Tiger Lobby, Union Food Court, University Center, University Center Business and Scheduling Office, Up 'Til Dawn, Volunteer Programs, West Ballroom Lounge, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Women's Panhellenic Council,
  102. Wesley Foundation (Methodist)
  103. Wilder Tower, John S.
    ACAD Programs, Academic Advisor - Athletics, Academic Counseling Center, Academic Fresh Start, Academic Records Analysis, Academic Retention and Enrichment Services (CARES), Center for, Academic Student Records Analysis, Administration / System Support, Admissions, Office of, Ask TOM Answer Center, Association of Students with Disabilities, Athletic Academic Services (CAAS), Center for, Athletics Computer Lab, Athletics Computer Lab, BGALA - Students for Bisexual Gay and Lesbian Awareness, Black Student Association, Bursar's Office, Campus Card Office (ID Cards), Career Services, CARES Dept Computer Lab, Cashier's Office, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, Class Scheduling, Classroom Scheduling, Co-Sponsorship, Co-Sponsorship Chair, Counseling Center, Counseling Services, Counseling, Tutoring and Testing, Degree Audit System, Director - Career Services, Director - Counseling, Tutoring and Testing, Director - Disability Resources Services, Disability Resources Services, Employment - Student, Enrollment Certification, Enrollment Services, Enrollment Verification, Freshman Admissions, Freshman Orientation Program, General Education Program, General Information - Registrar, Graduate Admissions - Enrollment Services, High School Curricular Deficiencies, Honor Societies, Honor Societies Computer Lab, ID (Staff) Office, International Admissions - Graduate, International Admissions - Undergraduate, Loans and Grants, New Student Orientation, Orientation Services, Part-Time Placement - Off-Campus, Readmissions - Graduate, Readmissions - Undergraduate, Recruiting and Special Events - Student Relations, Recruitment and Orientation Services, Office of, Registrar Dept Computer Lab, Registrar's Helpline, Registrar, Office of the, Registration Services, Residency Classification - Graduate, Residency Classification - Undergraduate, Scholarships - Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Student Aid Office, Student and Faculty Services, Student Employment Office, Student Financial Aid, Office of, Student Financial Services, Student Office, Student Office CITL Computer Lab, Student Self Service, Student Traffic Court, The Confucius Institute, Traffic Appeals - Students, Transcripts, Transfer Students, Transitional Academic Studies, Undergraduate Academic Services, Undergraduate Admissions - Enrollment Services, Veterans Educational Benefits and Certification, Vice Provost - Enrollment Services, Web Payment System, Withdrawal Information,