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Policies and Procedures

Disclaimer: The policies of The University of Memphis are intended only as a guideline and are not a contract or a statement of the conditions of employment. Nothing contained herein is intended to alter The University's right to take the employment action it deems appropriate. These policies are subject to modification at any time by The University.

Most Recently Approved Policies and Procedures

Rationale: Revised to remove dead links and forms referencing the Job Description Questionnaire and the Employee Referral Program.
UM17727-23-2014Equipment Inventory
Rationale: This policy replaces and updates 2D:01:01H.
UM16886-30-2014Wireless Communication Device Allowance
Rationale: Non-substantive changes.
UM13096-26-2014University Travel
Rationale: Revised to reflect recently updated TBR General Travel Policy.
UM16916-18-2014Campus Data Security Policy
Rationale: At the recommendation of ISAC, amend policy to allow exceptions to be made by the CIO.
UM15666-18-2014Security and Protection of Electronic Information Resources
Rationale: At the recommendation of ISAC, amend policy to allow exceptions to be made by the CIO.
UM17666-18-2014Class Attendance
Rationale: New policy to outline student and instructor responsibilities.
UM13286-05-2014Moving Allowance
Rationale: Changed name from Moving Expenses to Moving Allowance, which is nonsubstantive.
UM12884-29-2014Professional Development Assignments
Rationale: Revised to reflect current practice and procedure.
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