SUBJECT:  Policy on Sexual Orientation		
POLICY NO.:  1:2A:12:05                   
DATE:     December 19, 1996                     
SUPERSEDES POLICY NO.:  None              
DATED:  N/A                                 

	As is reflected in the Statement of Values, The University of Memphis is committed
to a policy of non-discrimination and equal opportunity that extends to all members of the
University community.  All persons are treated equally in the University's programs and
activities, recruitment and admissions, and employment practices.  It is the policy of The
University of Memphis that neither its students nor its employees be discriminated against
on the basis of that individual's sexual orientation.  Such a policy helps ensure that only
relevant factors are considered and that equitable and consistent standards of conduct and 
performance will be applied.	

	For the purpose of this policy, sexual orientation shall be defined as heterosexual, 
homosexual or bisexual status.	A student who has an academic complaint involving 
discrimination based on his or her sexual orientation should contact the Office of the 
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.  All other student complaints involving sexual 
orientation should be directed to the Office of Judicial Affairs. 

	Any individual who has an employment discrimination complaint based upon his or
her sexual orientation should contact the Assistant VicePresident for Human Resources or 
the University's EEO/AA Compliance Officer. 	

	This policy shall not be construed to (1) infringe upon the free exchange of ideas
essential to the academic environment, (2) limit the freedom of religious association, or 
(3) establish a duty to engage in affirmative action measures on the basis of sexual orientation.
Further, this policy shall not be construed to require the compliance of external government
agencies, University programs governed by external governmental agencies in which 
non-discrimination does not include sexual orientation (i.e., ROTC), or programs which discriminate
as a matter of policy.  Moreover, The University of Memphis recognizes that, nothwithstanding the 
language set forth in this policy, eligibility of its employees for employment benefits is 
determined by the laws and regulations of the State of Tennessee.