Faculty and Staff Profiles

Assoc Professor, Counsel Education Psych Research
Email: yehhsueh@memphis.edu
Office Location: 100 Ball Hall
Office Hours: By appointment

I have been teaching courses on child development and education at the University of Memphis since 2000. As a developmental researcher, I have conducted research in areas of education and development such as comparative early childhood education, the professional development of preschool teachers, the learning and development of young children, the history of developmental psychology, young children and media. All my research projects shared a focus, that is, examining education, socialization, development, acculturation, in the context of the changing society. For over a decade before 2012, I had worked as a consultant for Sesame Workshop, the producer of Sesame Street. Then, I have since served as its China Director of Education, Research and Outreach. This international engagement in research and education greatly facilitates my understanding of cultural and cross-cultural research in China, bringing a new focus on cultural change in globalization.     

Additional Information

OPPORTUNITY to Study Early Childhood Development in Different Cultures!

For information on the research project, Preschool in Three Cultures, visit my colleague's website: http://joetobin.net/


  • Ed.D. Education - Harvard University - 1997
  • Ed.M. Human Development - Harvard University - 1989
  • B.A English and Literature - Beijing Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics - 1982

Work Experience

  • Assistant/Associate Professor, Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research - University of Memphis - 2000-now
  • Consultant, Global Education - Sesame Workshop - 1998-now
  • Research Associate, Teacher Education Program - Harvard University - 1999-2000
  • Resident Researcher, Archives Jean Piaget - University of Geneva - 1998
  • External Examiner of Graduate Programs in ECE - Hong Kong Institute of Education - 2011-2015
  • Visiting Scholar - Hong Kong Institute of Education - 2009
  • Invited Speaker - Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Education Forum - 2006
  • Visiting Professor - East China Normal University, College of Preschool & Special Education - 2005-now
  • Visiting Research Professor - Department of Psychology, Central China Normal University - 2004-now
  • Major Research Grant - Spencer Foundation/ Arizona State University - 2001-2004
  • Research Grant 1998 - Archives Jean Piaget, University of Geneva, Switzerland - 1998
  • Research Grant 1997 - Rockefeller Archives Center - 1998

Teaching Experience

  • Understanding Respect: An interdisciplinary approach (G) - University of Memphis
  • Introduction to Jean Piaget (G) - University of Memphis
  • Critical exploration in the classroom (G) Special Topic - University of Memphis
  • Social development of children (G) - University of Memphis
  • Early childhood development (G) - University of Memphis
  • Sesame Workshop - 1998-Present
Books Published/Reviewed
  • Tobin, J., Hsueh, Y. & Karasawa, M. (2009). Preschool in three cultures revisited: China, Japan and the United States. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.  
Journal Articles
  • Fisch, S. M., Y. Hsueh, Zhou, Z. Chi, J. Hamed, M., Khadr, Z., Noriega, G. M., Céspedes, A. H., Druin, A. Guha, M. L. (2010). Crossing borders: Learning from educational media in 4 countries. Televizion23/2010/E, 42-45.
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  • Hsueh, Y. (2010, July). Respecting Children in Chinese Early Childhood Education. Keynote at the 11th Annual Conference of Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association. Hangzhou, China. 
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  • Hsueh, Y. & Tobin, J. (2010, May). Reflections on the “The Storytelling King”: Chinese Early Childhood Educators’ Quest for Pedagogies that Promote the Development of Both the Child and the Nation. Presentation at the annual meeting of the American Association of Educational Research. Denver, CO. 
  • Tobin, J. & Hsueh, Y. (2007, Decmember).  Plenary session: Continuity and Change in Preschools in Three Cultures: Japan, China, and the United States. Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education Conference. Hong Kong Institute of Education. Hong Kong, China (December 15).   
  • Hsueh, Y. (2007, April). Preschool teachers’ professional beliefs and ideas and their cultural practice. Shanghai Luwan District Conference on Early Education. Shanghai, China (April 28-29). 
  • Hsueh, Y. (March 30, 2007). Memorial session for Sheldon White.  Co-chair with Emily Cahan. The Biennial Meeting of Society for Research in Child Development. Boston, MA.
  • Hsueh, Y. (2006, June). Chinese Preschool Education Amidst Rapid Societal Change. 2006 Education Forum on Early Childhood Education. Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. Shanghai, China (June 9-10).